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new release: 2.30.3339

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hey all


not as much news as last time, but enough to release it :)


[*] added fileio.Exists() which can be used to check wether a file or dir


-> added fileio.ExistMain() which returns a boolean and attributes:

Exists(), ExistFile() and ExistDir() all use this method internally

[*] LNX: disabled "Edit OS environment" since it's not yet supported

[*] D32 merged several duplicated functions from the main code back with the

modifications into vpsysd32: disk._SysGetValidDrives,

disk._SysGetDriveType, winclp.(_SysClipCanPaste|_SysClipCopy|_SysClipPaste)

[*] added standard header macros to HGL file:

LINUX shell scripts: #!/bin/bash

ANSI C/C++ sources: include, main()

PASCAL: program uses begin end / unit interface implementation end.

JAVA: package import public class public static void main

C#: using System public class main static void Main()


[*] HGL: improved the VB *.FRM definition -> disable '' string highlight

[*] D32: replaced all "Sound(5000); DelayTics(1); NoSound;" implementations

with the standard "SysBeepEx(5000, 1000);"

-> dialogs, filecopy, histries

-> commented advance0.(Sound|NoSound) functions



[*] Eraser: beep if operation took longer than 30s {G}

-> eraser.EraseFiles() uses BeepAfterCopy()

[-] DW32: readonly flags from subdirectories were never cleared [A]

-> filecopy.FilesCopy().CopyF() did not clear r/o

[+] copy/move: added clear readonly option

-> filecopy: added cpoClearRO option check wherever CDROM checks

were made



[*] quite some updates to the db viewer {G}



[*] added CSV file topic {G}



[+] auto driveline refresh (AndyRay)

-> added commands.cmDriveLineRefresh, handled by flpanel.TFilePanel.HandleEvent()

and sent by disk.TDriveInfo.UpdateTimer if a drive change happened

-> added disk.TDriveInfo.UpdateTimer + UpdView

-> refresh timer option setup to options.file manager.setup:

startup.TFMSetup.DriveLineRefresh, default = 3 seconds

-> LNX counts the lines in /etc/mounts to detect changes, DW32 use


-> added updview.SetUpdTicks() and SetUpdTicksSec()

[+] auto update of [ALT-F1/F2] / drive selection windows and update via [F3] (Garl)

-> modified filescol.SelectDrive(), added filescol.SelectDrive().UpdateMenu,

added event callback handling to close the menu from SelectDrive() code

[+] W32/LNX: panel auto refresh on directory changes (local drives) (AndyRay)

-> added dnotify which holds all the notification interface code

W32: Find(First|Next|Close)ChangeNotification


-> some ideas from DNOSPW: NotifyResume|Suspend, NotifierCollection

(but I added a reference count for each directory)

-> added stdefine.DIRCHANGENOTIFY

-> setup in Options.File Manager.Setup

-> added ChangeLocked check to


-> added ChangeLocked set to fltools.(CM_CopyFiles|CM_Dropped)

[*] QuickDir window [ALT-SHIFT-0] uses the X size of the Desktop

-> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand.DoQuickChange()



[+] added TView.HandleEvent() to menus.TMenuView.HandleEvent()

[+] added.views.TView.EventCallbackHandler : function (View: PView; var Event: TEvent): boolean;

used in views.TView.HandleEvent(), can be used to handle events from outside

of a view

[-] delta was not used to track mouse in menus [A]

-> menus.THugeMenuBox.GetItemRect() now uses Delta instead of BeyondTop()



[*] the dead key delay (ALT and CTRL at the moment) is disabled if one of the 2

keys is selected as quicksearch hotkey (BmW/Dandv)

-> drivers.GetKeyMouseEvent().IsDeadKey()



[+] edit video mode operation

-> added commands.cmEditVideoMode, [F4] to menus.TVideoMenuBox.Execute()

-> modified dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand().ChScreenMode() by

adding new code

-> video.AddVideoMode() returns the created PVideoMode



[*] if there are no single line comments but multiline comments the HGL code

will use multiline comments automatically

-> highlite.TCommentTypeCollection.CommentSingle holds single line comments

until we can decide if we use multiline or single line commenting

[-] filenames without wildcards did never match [A]

-> highlite.InitHighLight().FileMatch() did provide the complete filename

with path, now only gives the name to the wild card matching code



[-] LNX: checked %[0-9] replacing in usermenus etc.

-> previous %3 -> $$3 replacing in usermenu.(ExecUserMenu|QuickExecExternal)

was removed, updated help: in LINUX $$[0-9] is equivalent to %[0-9]

[*] NC style user menu: added NC style comments to nc menu files: "'"



[+] MsgBox when histories are empty and tried to open it

-> added (ndn.dnl|commands).dlHistoryEmpty

-> used in histries.(EditHistoryMenu|ViewHistoryMenu|CmdHistory|DirHistoryMenu)




have fun


Stefan / AH


download: http://ndn.muxe.com/beta.php

(even if the beta page is not yet updated don't worry, the links point to the new version already)

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Garl    0

----------------------- ndn.hgl -------------------

FILES *.xyz

keywords color red a

keywords color green b

keywords color blue c

KeyWords Color black def

KeyWords Color black/white ghi

KeyWords Color white/black jkl

KeyWords Color black/red mno

KeyWords Color yellow pqr

KeyWords Color brown stu

KeyWords Color Magenta/black vwx

KeyWords Color white/red yz






Black is not highlited!


thanks for beta !

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BmW    0

Big thanks for beta!

Special thanks for autorefresh of file panels/disks, i wish it :)

some strange thing: after deleting of files panel refreshes only after some time. May be add refresh after deleting files?

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Basil/2    0

I didn't watch NDN for a long time;


But now I see at least that configuration options have changed greatly. And disks refresh is very useful, I have to restart NDN every time I plug in my USB-phone - I'll test it today evening at home.


NDN is going right way indeed.

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