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  2. OK, after conflicting with myself i prefer to include this (should be self explanatory): (i thought the image was insert at text position... well just attached) JClu, thanks
  3. Hello Garl, as for ruuning ndn on TCL... well that's my only OS for about 2 years so yes else i would have not been able to perform the previous tests. here the screen ib text mode (easier for copy/paste an lighter : [20201025 7 07:53:56]{tc@bsrv:/mnt/sda2/data/Downloads/-- ndn/ndn_lin/nightly_l64} $ uname -a Linux bsrv 4.19.10-tinycore64 #1999 SMP Tue Dec 18 15:18:54 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux [] $ # did you make sure you're running ndn65 on tcl64? [] $ ./ndn Messagebox(): /mnt/sda2/data/Downloads/-- ndn/ndn_lin/nightly_l64/lib/locale.so: cannot open shared object file: No su Necromancer's Dos Navigator v3.00.0005f/LINUX64. Based on Dos Navigator by Ritlabs... [DEFINES/CPUX64/LINUX/FREEPASCAL] * Linux (v4.19) detected * TTY: /dev/tty18 (rxvt) * Process ID = 7407 ... * PCRE Version 8.44 2020-02-12 * Berkeley (BSD) socket API for Unix/Linux When running binaries on wrong platform the binary type gets wrongly identified as shell script by default by the shell itself (since it will accept the fact it is executable). but we both know it is not so... leading to failure of execution. Thus use the binaries you gave me (ndn64) on a 64bits version of tcl and, unless some libs are missing it should start smoothly. the way i proceed later if missing libs is : ask the bin what is missing : $ ldd ndn statically linked but since you compile ndn with all its dependencies that should be no worries. if after that you make it display things nicely and get rid of the locale msg ... that will be huge thank you JClu
  4. Hi Garl, Yes! now it really gets usable to switch "drives" with 'alt+F1' or 'alt+F1' (though 'alt+left' and 'alt+right' are not responding the expected way : there's a 'dir change history' popup showing current dir but nothing changes) or even usingthe mouse : Thank you! As for the lines drawing, the way i see it, the ball is on my side and i got to figure out how to handle all I/O on terminals solving any key (combinations) inputs and charsets display problems. If i want to tinycore(TCL)? if you are already using a distro and are happy with it...keep using it! It's not to prevent you to come to the dark side but rather to make sure you put your energy into ndn rather than disco Now, before you put your mind into it i'm going to tell the + and - i see in it (my experience/opinion) : i've got acquainted with slackware when in its v2 (about 20 floppies to install!) ...fast-forward After tasting live linux in the form of demolinux (made @ PVI university along side DNX demo on a floppy) a soon later puppylinux... i could not go back installing distros anymore. Knoppix and many other came : HUGE! FFward again to nowadays and only a few distros respect the meaning of the word lightweight for x86_64 archi in decreasing size of main branch of the general purpose distro : GRML (<300+~700+MB), slax|porteus (<300MB), puppy (<200MB), alpine (<150MB), slitaz (<60MB), tinycore (<20MB) there are some specialized distros out there that could join : in VoIP astlinux (a semi-live distro with asterisk <100MB) now, why did i end up with tcl? the "+" size (easy/fast boot on haedware and in qemu(run in tcl :-)), extensions (thus the problem of the 'loop devices') like the modules from slax = "live (un-)mount the whole app pkg", and their repo has most i need (bbox, tmux, mc, elinks...) the "-" well since the community isn't big, you can find yourself on your own when trying to solve problems that are too specific : i asked to have LXC pkg (and kernel ready) available back in version 3+... not done yet in 11.1 i like its poweroff backup(persistence), and sleep2ram is easy... but hibernation isn't there (of course own scripts and...) maybe you'd like slitaz and it's web configuration+pakg managmt but its persistence system is not as efficient as in tcl the others... their weigth (though alpine musl nased adds security, a rich pkg base...) well, so the choice depends much on : you goal, your current skills and the resources available (time&money included). however, thank you for mentionning it as it really shows how dedicated you are as a dev. as for ndn i've known it when its grand-pa dn prior to v1.51 was coming out of Rit-labs(and their email cli:-) so, seing it under linux (even with its too fast tetris) touchde me with nostalgia (no sudoku yet?) i have a lot of suggestions but prefer to focus in having it running correctly so i can use it instead of mc (to many script configured to drop it easily). thank you again, as soon as i get it correctly running i report here with the findings (or if i meet some unexpected roadblock) JClu
  5. New Release: V3.00.0005

    2020-10-22 (v3.00.0005) new: new FilePanel O - show file Owner (WinNT+,Linux) new: new FilePanel L - show file Links number (Win) new: optionally add ".." item in main folders new: Tab hotkey switch to next Window in ChangeDrive new: AsciiTab shows video and internal font for compare (Dos) new: optionally shows sort mode indicator in FilePanel new: added option directories first in SortBy menu new: "align extension if folders" and "Show [] around directories" options added to SetupColumns new: possible make copy data in Dialogs and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-BackSpc hotkey & UndoView to undo all changes new: Alt-/Ctrl-Space hotkeys reverses-bits/(de)selects all items in focused CheckBoxes fix: search file in panel (Alt-F7) was corrected new: Num-/Num+ can also de/selects directories new: optionally current item number & items count shown on bottom of the menu new: Tab/Shift-Tab goes to the next/previous menu without expanding the submenu new: Backspace in menu returns to the default item new: optionally natural sorting in panel: alphabetical and numerical new: user defined file size formatting added fix: corected some bugs in hash calculation new: toggle manager size to half/full screen, option to menu added (Ctrl-Alt-F hotkey) new: new screen savers "Other worm" and "Gravity" (last only for Dos) new: great pac-man game clone new: possible scrollbar in menus new: "Gray" button in vga palette edit dialog new: after Ctrl-Alt-F11 you can set extended video text mode selected from list in ndn.vid file (only in Dos) new: cool scrollbarx made by Sergey in file panel fix: paste long strings from clipboard optimized for speed by 1 million percent fix: Viewer: textmode hide selection if "Persistent blocks" off fix: Viewer: block do not reset while scroll by Ctrl-Keys new: new Scrollbar in Editor and Viewer fix: Show "Free space on border" and "Filter for filenames" if DriveLine is OFF new: Filepanel: Options to disable show selected files and size fix: online update works with NDN website new: optionally show current cluster on bottom dialog frame fix: sometimes you couldn't change the language after Alt-F12 and you had to press Alt-X new: change Ruller mode (dec\hex) by mouse Right button DoubleClick new: binary file comparer fix: copy/paste from clipboard was fixed (U64 version) fix: now you can change the color from the extended palette in ChangeColors new: Undo button in ChangeColors fix: End of line characters removed from dump screen after crash fix: ScrollBar(X) show true position for larges values fix: goto dirs inside .TRD files new: inside archivers Ctrl-K toggle show path new: Branch in archives (Ctrl-H) fix: Panel filter now work in archive's find result fix: drawing using VGA palette in Linux64 if option in SystemSetup enabled http://ndn.muxe.com/download/
  6. Options->configurations->intreface ->drive info -> [x] Hide Pseudo FS http://ndn.muxe.com/download/file/nightly_l64.zip p.s. i'll try use TinyCore
  7. Really? with the same version you provided me with? Wow! Well, I guess I'll have to deal with the terminal conf though i even put lxterminal, locales in UTF8 and some inernatl fonts... -sigh- gotta dig deeper i guess. not easy with limited time, age and skills :-) but were would the fun be? it the reason why i chose TinyCore : to have the bare minimum and DIY + enjoy the CPU spare from the bloat of other distros (ubu* being just another wdoz) thank you for giving it the possibility to blossom in linux, plus you give me a nice alternative to my current only choices : mc for TUI and dcmd on GUI (BTW, dcmd is also devd in Pascal and russian... is it a coincidence? :-) JClu PS: what the mention inconvenience i mentionned earlier : about the letters assigned to ALL mount points? I mean, to avoid the loop devices, unless explicitly asked. possible? cpacibo. dobri dien.
  8. Earlier
  9. ascii art with single and double lines work fine for me
  10. 1. indeed, no 'locale.so', but do you have to redo it everytime? I mean, specially in the case of nightly versions, did anything change in ndn that impacted it so the one from previous version could not do the job? here are the relevant msgs displaid as it started : =========================================================== $ ./ndn Messagebox(): /mnt/sda2/data/Downloads/-- ndn/ndn_lin/nightly_l64/lib/locale.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Messagebox(): /mnt/sda2/data/Downloads/-- ndn/ndn_lin/nightly_l64/lib/locale.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Necromancer's Dos Navigator v3.00.0005f/LINUX64. Based on Dos Navigator by Ritlabs... [DEFINES/CPUX64/LINUX/FREEPASCAL] * Linux (v4.19) detected * TTY: /dev/tty41 (rxvt) * Process ID = 10997 ... * PCRE Version 8.44 2020-02-12 * Berkeley (BSD) socket API for Unix/Linux =========================================================== 2. I'm pleased to see no spinner... it really distracted me but could be useful if it were used as a kind of "reliable" indicator of th progress of long background tasks. by reliable i meant, it should reflect the actual progress of the pending operations then (long transfers, compressions...) but in that case a numerical "%" or scaled progressbar would be more approriate since a spinner has rather become associated with stalled operations. But I admit... it's a personal opinion :-) 3. no more freezing on either edition(F4) or viewing'F" of a variety of file... good job. 4. a little bug, or so i believe. I'd love the drawing lines with the editor... new file (shift+F4) + name+Enter switch to line drawing by pressing F4 once then : i can draw left and right : 'shift+directions' for movements with the pen-down (drawing) 'directions' for movements with the pen-up (just moving) this doesn't work for directions up or down (with or without shift) ((ohj, and there feature only provides single line drawing, while it used to also draw double line (by pressing twice F4 from within the normal typing mode 5. since there is no debug mode, AFAIK, areyou interested in strace's logs that i could provide? meawhile i'll keep testig and ... Thank You:
  11. http://ndn.muxe.com/download/file/nightly_l64.zip but it localisation not finished
  12. Hi, I like the last screenshots you posted. They do seem convincingly working. Is it possible to test it, anywhere to get this last snapshot to give it a run? thannk you for the good coding, JClu
  13. Waaa, Yes! Who says "looks don't matter!" ? You've don,e it somehow and it shows...Thank you very mucho! ... now, where can i get this nes baby to give it a spin? BTW, I hope I don't go too far with all my suggestions too. once again, cpaciba JClu
  14. current changes it is about support national characters
  15. sorry, been away this whole troubled (for me) week. Back with some more tests done and : 1. being able to drawlines in the editor and display them in the status bar but not to draw the whole frames? does it mean it's not using the same code? my understanding (from the pov of an occasional shell script writer) is that all "graphical-like TUI" consisted in positionning+writting (gnu-tput + echo|printf) ANSI-chars to the terminal (as in https://github.com/metal3d/bashsimplecurses/blob/master/simple_curses.sh) sad it turns out to be more complex and thus harder to modify, maintain|improve-expand-simplify. In fact i was thing in asking for a kind of dialog editor to help integrate external tools or even just a dialog-syntax interpreter à la gtk-dialog (but for terminals) 2. as for the spinner, it's OK, just that it kinda distracts (and as i straced the execution of ndn i noticed it and the clock continuous I/O. so just having an actionnable option would be OK but not "vital" and you are right with its default value 3. i also cannot have the freezing problem under strace so i could then share its log with you since it does not lead to a NDN.ERR file. this raises 2 questions : 1. can we have an option (like ndn's cli arg) to generate an execution log with verbosity level? so we can share with developpers the results of tests efficiently (like NDN.ERR, but even if no identified error occurs) 2. my current diagnostic : the *freezing* is kinda tim*ing* related since - inexistent in strace context (avoiding a possible access conflict/interlocking) - also happends with BIG file so probably just a matter of access duration which could be avoided with partial loading at start so user doesn't wait (loading can/or not/ continue in background) 4. thanks for the dble ESC (also present in the editor, and probably other places) 5. i'm sorry to bring up some more issues : 1. i actuallu appreciate you've kept the "drive letter concept" as it makes access to the mounted devices more straight forward. But, also mounting every loopdevice becomes a problem on ditributions (such as slax, puppy, tinycore and their derivatives) relying heavily on this feature to include (often dynamically) apps to the system. Indeed there tend to be a lot of them at once... in shel i do things like : $ mount | grep -E 'ext|ntfs' to limit list to these FS or $ mount | grep -v 'tmp/tcloop' to exclude /tmp/tcloop (in the case of TCL) this latter command would also display stuff like rootfs, proc, sysfs, devpts, tmpfs, fusectl so it's the never ending dilemma white list/black list 2. more of a feature than an issue : being able to call ndn "modules" independently. either with ndn renamed (symlinks) or using commandline options : $ ln ndn ndnvw $ ./ndnvw myfile or $ ./ndn -vw myfile would open myfile in ndn's viewer without loading the whole filemanager i see that applicable to these functions : viewer, editor, calculator, spreadsheet editor, calendar... 3. an issue with the colors as they are not steady from the start : files don't show up with their desired color until the cursor has passed by (and not suystematically) My guess is that it related with earlier problem of the drawnglines as this is ANSI codes dependent too...or not? thank you again for your nice work and don't hesitate to provide anor bin to be tortured ... i mean tested. have a nice week-end JClu
  16. I can improve the drawing of lines in the editor. As for the freeze while editing the "ndn.ini" file then I can't reproduce the bug. Also, I can remove the need to double-press Esc. The rotating element at the clock (spinner) could be turned off (it will be turned off by default). Better look, "more like an actually drawn frame instead of those interrupted sticks", seems unattainable. Best regards, CandyMan
  17. Okayyyyy! some more progress in here : 1. it start fine without needing to do any prior steps (to get dlg & locale) : good! 2. i can use the editor but... (see pix ndn-2-202010026.png) i tried to open (F4) the file "ndn.ini" and it froze, not reacting to any key. 3. the keyboard behaves nice this time (no more double keys) 4. view (F3) also works... but to close it i need to press twice 'Esc' ?? however, what has not changed, yet, is the display : we don't have the nice continuous lines we'd expect to look more like an actually drawn frame instead of those interrupted sticks. (see pix ndn-1-202010026.png where you can compare with mc in the background) It seems it should work, since the symbol in the statusbar to show toggling between text mode and drawing mode shows correctly. So, I assume he drawing of the frames and within the editor should follow the same behavior, or am I wrong? Well, that should be all for today, and to bed i go to be fresh to work with the rising sun :-) Thanks for the corrections and following my (long, i know) series of remarks JClu ps: there is also that constantly rotating thing at the right of the clock : any purpose? PPS : not a problem by now but need to mention : when resizing the terminal (not xhanging ndn's video mode) to small, the clock stays behing half the time.
  18. Please try this version. https://megawrzuta.pl/download/07b6b83f3e05e96923d0a4d72d055de2.html
  19. Hi, So, here are the issues i mentionned : 1. the display is made of ascii characters "_|\/" which doesn't compare to the "drawing lines" it can use. See the attached screenshots to get the idea : - side-by-side with elinks within tmux (ndn-tmux-202009292.png) - alone on the console (ndn-1-202009292.png) anything i need to do to improve the situation? 2. i cannot show on a screenshot so i'll explain : any key i press is used twice and adds '@' which leads to : - when on the commandline instead of typing "this" it inputs and displays "tt@hh@ii@ss@" (on returning same weid screen as for F3 below) - the hotkeys act weird for the same reason. Say i press 'Esc' hiding the panels, i cannot return with 'Esc' and heve to use 'Enter' key. Similarly 'Ctrl+o'(same), 'Tab' (to switch panels)... all fail since doubled... 3. trying to edit a file (by F4 or the menu) freezes ndn, and i did not find a way to unfreeze : killing it everytime. 3b. F3/viewing works as expected, but exiting with 'Esc' which is doubled => no panels and when they are back ('Enter') i get a weird display (please, see ndn-view-202009292.png) 4. did not test much further for it was becoming time consuming and unconfortable. i'm ready for tests to provide more info under your directions and produce reproductible cases. I'd like to provide an .err file you probably need to follow the points mentionned above, but none was produced. any way to run in 'debug mode' so you can trace thing more to your convenience? 5. bout having to launch by myself, by hand a rebuild of .dlg, though not hard, it certainly becomes repulsive to the average user trying to discover ndn. I suggest either a script along the lines of : #!/bin/sh [ -f local.so ] || { # do something about it : this error still showed indeed } [ -f russian.dlg ] || { cd ../ndn.res make-l64.sh || { echo "err : could not create russian.dlg"; exit 1 } cd - } ./ndn or even better, burried within ndn, not to add to the user's confusion. I hope these pieces of information are of any use and don't cause too much trouble. If any test needs to be done, just say it and i'll be glad to put my hands at it. thanks for your good work and see you soon (though slower on week days), JClu
  20. did a quick test and i confirm that this makes ndn start but it also raises many issues... I'll come back to this thread as soon as i get some time to put evrerythinhg to test and report properly. however tha,k you both for the effort and see u soon in here, JClu
  21. I didn't think it would be so difficult. The posted logs show that this time the terminal is working.
  22. 1) you dont compile resource then run main program it si a problem because forum dont have a admin.
  23. you might have noticed this : the likes to the attached files appear twice : i only edded them once...and i did not drink vodka!
  24. Hi CandyMan, no, did not take it personal but technical : asked myself wether ishould do anything about the question and that's why i sent the output of stty&co. The second msg was, in case any doubt subsisted, to confirm that the terminal is usable in its current setting (though it could be better...). OK, got NDN.7Z decompressed it ran quickly to subdir ndn-l64 (my sys is 64) there i went on with : $ chmod u+x ndn $ ./ndn 2>&1 | tee ndn.log0 start failed because local absent (BTW it was also missing in previous version for which i'm reporting the bug) so i gave one from an older version (like i di before) and : $ ./ndn 2>&1 | tee ndn.log1 start failed because no russian.dlg, same steps and then $ ./ndn 2>&1 | tee ndn.log2 start failed but this time i don't know what to do about it So i post you the log files i got (needed, at least ndn.log0 to see the local.so error since the screen is cleared) and the .err file too again, thanks JClu PS : and how goes the administrative side? "renewin the password of my account" ndn.log0 ndn.log1 ndn.log2 NDN.ERR ndn.log0 ndn.log1 ndn.log2 NDN.ERR
  25. Try this version. You need to compile resources (run make-l64.sh file) first. https://megawrzuta.pl/download/2d2cfa250749c69fc87dde6df346b6e6.html
  26. Don't take everything personally. I meant the initialization of the terminal by us developers in NDN code.
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