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  2. bugs in 3.00.0004

    Да, про линукс Но спасибо за апдейт!
  3. bugs in 3.00.0004

    Если это про линукс - то пока просмотр и редактирование текста в кодовых страницах реализовано только в полях ввода. задача большая нужная и интересная, делаться однозначно будет. буду делать я или может найдётся кто другой ?! я на данный момент занят другим большим куском кода.
  4. bugs in 3.00.0004

    Переключил на русский язык, теперь имена файлов нормальные, спасибо! Но просмотр все равно не такой, как надо. Ставлю кодировку UTF-8, вижу текст, но между буквами пробелы. Не говоря уже о редактировании, там русские буквы вводятся совершенно в другой кодировке, хотя и там ставлю utf-8.
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  6. bugs in 3.00.0004

    на линуксе русские буквы будут только при русском интерфейсе (такой вот костыль) для винды попробуйте сборку U64 (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_wEiYjzVkC0ZGtkbENENzF1Nms файл NDN-v3.00.0005.7Z) кодировки настраиваются в меню настройки - конфигурация-просмотр-кодовые страницы
  7. bugs in 3.00.0004

    NDN 3.00.0005f/ENG 2020/10/22 Linux64 Локаль UTF-8 Как отключить перекодировку на просмотре по F3? вместо русских символов в UTF-8 кракозябры. да и вместо CP866 тоже Похоже, перекодировка на Линукс не работает. В именах файлов кириллица отображается вопросами ??????? Может есть какие-то опции для этого?
  8. bugs in 3.00.0004

    Есть баг со вставкой из буфера обмена (опция [X] Вставка из буфера с StrLen() - включена): 1. Копируем в буфер какой-то текст. 2. Открываем clipbrd.exe и нажимаем кнопку очистки буфера. 3. Вставляем в NDN из буфера текст - вставляется какой-то мусор.
  9. tetris

    Настройки -> конфигурация -> мышка + отключите в свойствах окна быстрое выделение мышкой Настраивается в Настройки->Архиваторы->Конфигурация форматов Путь к архиватору задаётся или полный, или архиватор должен находиться в %path% у меня они живут в %windir% более-менее актуальные архиваторы под 10-ку есть тут https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Q89e/ND42xe1cg
  10. tetris

    А как его запустить чтоб тетрис не летал на 3 космической ну и мышь под виндой можно чтоб работала? и где подключать директорию архиваторов?
  11. Collaboration on source code

    Lsst time I checked it was still vpascal ... which was a nightmare... so that is extremely cool! Definitely a github would be awesome
  12. DOS ftp

    good day, im trying to get FTP to work on my old computer in order to transfer files between my NAS (which runs an FTP server) and my old computer. Some info: NDN 3.00.0005 OS: DOS 6.22 NT CARD: SMC 8416 i can connect to both external AND local ftp addresses using the ftp client from mtcp (http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/) pinging external sites works (by hostname eg: google.com) pinging LAN clients works (by internal ip eg: requesting DHCP lease works (using the mtcp dhcp client) The problem: as i try to connect with NDN to local ftp (using ip address) it gives me: socket error 10051 "SocketsInit(): IP stack init failed!" as i try to connect with ndn to external ftp (using hostname) it gives me: socket error 11001 "GetHostByName(): Failed!" after that, the program gives me an access violation and quits. tried older versions of NDN and same problem persists and results in a direct system boot. i have included 2 .err files that where generated by NDN could someone shed some light on what is going wrong here? thanks, jimi NDN (local ftp).ERR NDN (remote ftp).ERR
  13. Collaboration on source code

    he he ;) W64 already build with FreePascal
  14. Collaboration on source code

    The major issue I guess would be to port it to a recent and sustainable pascal, as virtual pascal is so obsolete and abandoned that is harder to get a compilation toolchain for NDN than it is for chrome... But if was open source and in github that could spark a port to FPC which would bring increased portability and diffusion
  15. Thanks for answer. I missing something though, or doing something wrong: Options -> Configuration -> Highlight groups... Can not find "Highlight groups" in Configuration. For the asian, more exactly chinese in the filename. I am on latest windows 10, 20H2. NDN, v3.00.0005f/ENG, 64-bit.
  16. what build of NDN do you use? say OS and versions
  17. Options -> Configuration -> Highlight groups...
  18. Hi again. One more thing. Asian "letters" comes up as questionsmarks, "?". Possible to fix, or have I missed another setting somewhere? BR/Cocoz
  19. Hi. I wonder which Group and Item is for font color for files in the panels. I have tested a lot, but it is always the dark blue. If you load from the "Load Palette", for example blue, the files is not visiable. Dark blue on dark blue is then a problem. BR/Cocoz
  20. any news about the users account? so i can receive notifications via email and even reply by email... thanks JClu
  21. ... forgot to mentions the reasons why "ext. column" are expected : 1. visual sorting (separating names & exts 2. soring by clicking the column's header 3. editing only exts when modifying file's name 4. view/hide of the column becomes possible (mostly if remove from the name field) to gain on small screen real-estate 5. all exts aligned (and i mean the same for other cols like type, stats & co mentionned in prev. post. thanks again JClu
  22. Hi, I hope everything is going well for you as the year, sowly but surely, comes to its end. It's about time i come reporting some of my experiences, findings, ideas after lots of testing on ndn : 1. ascii TUI : like with most the TUI based apps, ndn does not display well everywhere. Thus, on those *odd* environments, it would be great to get a decently viewable interface and, for that purpose, the use of plain ascii characters would be a solution (equivalent to the "-a" cli option of mc). Extending even further the idea, with a touch of customizability, would be to let the user select the set of characters used to display each part of the interface. It would be available via menu selector such as the ones for selecting the colors palettes. As an illustration one can have a look at the next case (about drawing boxes and lines in the editor) with the displaid result and a (possible among others) way to store it in a (text) configuration file. 2. lines in the editor : just like for the TUI, not every characters displays well on all terminals (depending on available fonts|charsets...). So we can imagine a possibility to have alternate sets of characters (LS=LineSet, to distinguish from CS=CharSet)to accomplish the same job. The LS could even be set related specific CS so that, when switching the display from CS to CS, we'd have the lines drawn with the corresponding (predefined) LS for a better user's visual experience. Here is an example of what could be (visually) expected with CS=ascii. Follows an example of possible config file to express the LS for this case (hopefully understandable). +-------------+ | | +----+ +--|-+ | | < | | | | | |\ | | | +-----+ +-+--+ \ | | | | | | / \ | +-|-----------+ | / +-o--+ | | | | +-v--+ | | | +==========|==+ | | | | | | # | | # | | | +----+ +----+ | # | +----+ # | # | # +==+ +--#--+ # # # # +====#========+ # # +==+ {ascii} [SL] (H,V,TL,TR,BL,BR)=(-,|,+,+,+,+) [DL] (H,V,TL,TR,BL,BR)=(=,#,+,+,+,+) [CL] (C,H,V,OL,OR)=(+,-,|,\,/) [CA] (L,R,U,D)=(<,>,^,v) {/ascii} I also added an example for connectors, to draw (oriented, because "why not?") lines connecting boxes with their corresponding sections CL and CA in the ascii config. + This could be too much work to handle and I was only priding the user's perspective on the subject. And, as so, seen from the user's POV, this (points 1. and 2.) would increase ndn usability when accessed on remote machines and not much time and options are available to adjust all things for optimal display. 3. I also met a bug while testing UI and editor : as I wanted to copy/paste the entire display into a file via the editor. These are the steps : 1. 'shift + select-with-mouse' the ndn (or other TUI screen on one terminal (to copy to clipboard) and then 2. 'shift + Insert' in ndn's editor, open on another terminal (to paste the content of the clipboard). 3. at that point ndn start doing lots of things, pasting some, switching ndn's windows,... till it, sometimes exits. I did not see it display an error but rather behave weirdly. my guess is that it was interpreting the pasted content as commands to be executed and not as text to be pasted... (a bit the problems i knew in the past between ftp in ascii and in binary...kinda) (I know the 'Screen grabber Shift-Alt-Ins' function (pasting with 'Ctrl-V'), which works... for captures within ndn only) 4. in view/edit : F8 cycles codepage withing DOS, KOI, WIN... what about addin something UTF8 related? making probably the content more portable on modern setups. and making it easy to convert between charsets, either within view/edit or from file panels in batchs 5. use case to see difference between screenshots (SS) 'active window' and 'full screen'? in my case, setting ndn's terminal as a "floating window" above others in the background both type of SS deliver the same file content corresponding to what one would expect from SS of 'active window'. In which case are they not the same? BTW: files are saved as BMP. Could we have PNG too (or instead) since its more efficient for SS? further : casting a movie into GIF/or alt as in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GIF#Animation_formats. -- the following points are distinct from above and in the category of suggestions|request for added features|evolution -- so they might seem, from a developper's POV, to go too far but, again, they express how a user (like me) would feel -- confortable using ndn (all others features kept as they are). 6. Lynx (text web-browser) mode navigation : this (ergonomicaly optimal) mode of navigation brings the required finger movements to a minimum in order to browse around the FS by only using the 4 direction keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) with : Up, Down : behaving the usual way, moving within current dir Up and Down the files; Left : goes Up the dir tree (maybe not if the cli is being used) Right: gets into a dir if the cursor is currently on one. If not we can have customizable possibilities (view file being my prefered -safe- default): open|view|edit|... current file goto CLI contxtual menu .... and, BTW, such key set has less chances (when well selected) to break on different terminal types (even on remote connections). 7. further on the keyboard/menus/dialogs usage : 1. getting as close as possible to the association 1key-1action (as opposed to many 3keycombo-1action in the menus): if it's the case with many actions initiated with F1-F12 not much for the rest. But how? ... there are a few possibilities i think about : 1. less predifined keys/keycombos so the key space is not alreadu occupied and in that case have well thought 1key selectors predifined 2. give the possibillity to the users to set their own preferred extended key config and, again, maybe like for the 'colors palettes' provide a library of such extended configs ultimately giving the users the responsability of the setup the most suited to theis specific usage. 3. another way is the one adopted by vim/emacs : the 'modes'. Users may change ndn current mode via a keycombo (a bit like in ndn's editor between text and line drawing). Being more explicit : for the filemanagers, from the browsing mode : 1. wether lynx or not way or navigating, you could keep using F1-F12 as usual 2. when typing text, you's start a quick incremental (regex?) search|filter within current dir + by search i mean "bring the cursor to 1st matching item of current dir" + by filter i mean "only display matching items of current dir in the current panel" + a 1st ESC (or any other predefined 1key) breaks the operation but keeps the panel as is. + a 2nd ESC, in the case of filtering, would rediplay all items (not just filtered ones) + while in this quick-search|filter mode: + moving up/down would move the cursor within the matching space without leaving search mode so that more letters can be typed to fine tune the search string + Alt+down/up could access a search history/library and now up/down would move within the open search history/library 3. a predefined (ESC again?) 1key would make the CLI visible (hidden until now) and from now on : + moving up/down would move the cursor in the current filemanager's panel without leaving CLI mode so that more letters can be typed to fine tune the command string being input + Alt+down/up could access a CLI history/library (a bit like 'Alt+F8' now, just integrated) and now up/down would move within the open CLI history/library 4. a predefined (certainly not ESC again) 1key switching/cycling between display modes : from panels fullscreen (no {menu,Fx-bar, CLI, drives-bar, to user's screen, all bars... 5. I'm going to speak of 'copy F5' but it will become obvious that i will be refering to the whole set of commands that relaize an certain (set) of operation on (a|selected) file|s : 0. 'copy F5' opens a dialog box, which is the same as 'rename/move F6' and that is good. 1. the title of that dialog box would gain in being identical to its calling menu label explicitly 'copy F5' not just 'copy' (maybe customizable) so (new) users can learn their keyboard more easily same for 'rename/move F6' box, and (almost) all the box from 'File menu' (archive, split/comb, ...) 2. in the 'copy F5' dialog box, when "[ ] Remove source files" is set then the title of the dialog box should follow the change and become 'rename/move F6' and the subsequent dialog/bars sould follow the same 'format' so the users won't have any doubts, in the middle of the operation(s), about what is being done. Actually, going further, most te dialog boxes could be factored into one so users can get more familiar with the common features of the functions : that are all the caracteristics of the copy|move with little specificities: compress|archive (into next panel or new filename), convert/encrypt/hash(create-check...) so, even instead of just "[ ] Remove source files" we could have, eg., a set of tabs/buttons to select from to change the type of dialogbox while in the box. Thus while in copybox, selecting (click of kbd) movetab would change boxtitle AND do "[x] Remove source files"... reversly when in movebox and sel. copyTAB but also copy|movebox then arcTAB... And even further 'make/read file list Alt+L/W' can also join the party here... and i've more to say about them. same reasoning for the different other functions of ndn : editor/viewer calendar/alarms/phonebook... ... but it's becoming long for a 1st list on this topic alone so better leave for another time, if interested. BTW : i distinguished history from libraries in that the history results form past uses of some feature when the library if a custom made list of uses of that feature it would be efficient to be editable in-place (and saved) not requiring to add more tools to the set. 8. missing 'extension(|(MIME)type) column' though there is 'sort by extension', which is good/necessary and can even be extended to type instead of extension to fellow mc's idea of using the values returned by linux's "file" command or a regex on the file(name|path). further : user defined (set of) columns based on returned values of, eg., some shell script/s. eg. : media duration (using ffprobe) text/docs file stats (wc, antiword, pdftotext, elinks -dump...) pix stats (size,nb colors...exif) bin/executable (launcher, author...deps ldd) 9. more on columns : once set columns width, the remaining panel's with will be used repeating the column set... is there a way to not repeat the columns and even to strech|shrink {last|1st|selected} column|s so the set fits the panel width mostly needed when changing panel|terminal size... 10. custom functions per file type : there would be a default set of options applicable to all files... by default and for those typedsthat are configured otherwise, one could see + Enter/open using ndn's current oening method or asking for permissions/env.vars/sandboxing or just running some addon launcher app/script... the openers + F5/F6 using ndn's copy/move with predefined options or call macros (if available internal language feature for that) or external apps/scripts and passing them files, selections, and other relevant/needed data... the copier/movers + similarily with F3/F4 using ndn's view/edit with predefined ... viewers/editors + packing/converting... could all be extended the same way ... packers and more (senders like for email, publish web, SMS..., monitors like logs, news..., trackers/killers/ressurectors like servers, jobs...) +++ and (users' made) libraries of such extensions could be made available in a repo (like github) as an example : 7zip can handle many archives formats and be used to extend greatly ndn's features without adding to its size. 11. idem for custom VFS : email, web, structured file content, net-protocoles/streams which also implies custom columns and content refresh functions Thank you for keeping with me until here... hope there was anything useful in all i put in here. I'd be please to see some ofthe ideas implemented as they would improve ndn's usability/siplicity (from a common user's perspective,that is) JClu
  23. New Release: V3.00.0005

    NDN in DOS works with external mouse driver prevously installed. Wheel is detected if the driver is cutemouse, see https://sourceforge.net/projects/cutemouse/files/ The mouse settings can be changed in the menu: Options-> Configuration-> Mouse...
  24. New Release: V3.00.0005

    hI ! Great Job !!!! BTW: how to enable mouse fuction with NDN ? It's possible ?
  25. Collaboration on source code

    Если опубликовать исходники и поставить с гитхаба ссылку сюда как на форум поддержки - глядишь и люди подтянутся :) +100500 :) И конечно радует что разработка на гитхабе и ветка обсуждения на LOR двинулась вперед :)
  26. Collaboration on source code

    Oh my god, it really was 20 years ago! I was young and I was DN user! Кажется, в тысячу раз больше людей использует сейчас линуховую консоль. А удобств в ней никаких: редакторы отстой, mc неудобен. Странно, почему оно всё так. Попробовал сейчас ndn -- а он на удивление неплох!
  27. Collaboration on source code

    Hello Everyone! I participated in DN OSP development 20 years ago by any means I could at the moment (I made a big chunk of helpfiles, intense alpha-version testing, and feature proposals:). I'm thrilled to see that there is a new wave of development on this project. But I also truly believe that publishing NDN sources on GitHub is the way to go if we want DN as a project to grow. Taking into account that NDN made the biggest progress in supporting modern standards and features. Is there any possibility to publish the sources?
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