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  2. Bug: move instead of copying

    Fixed in version v3.00.0008f, thank you!!!
  3. How to reproduce: - Make the directory named "1". - Press F5. - Type "2" - Press Enter. Correct (previous) variant: 1 is copied to 2. Current behavior: 1 is renamed to 2. Please fix. Version v3.00.0007f/ENG 2022/01/23 / WIN64 (WinNT)
  4. Collaboration on source code

    Hi. So... My last visit to this forum was in 2007. I even contributed some code to the project in those days. The other day I decided to check how things are with the once beloved file manager. I had a desire to rewrite the code in C ++, but I see that the sources are still not open. Very sorry.
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