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    • Guest vmp
      Great! Can you add UTF-8 support in editor/viewer?
    • Greeting to all. I've revived the forums.
    • Btw, meanwhile I did a quick attempt to modernize FPC's Turbo Vision compatible lib (Free Vision) by migrating it from shortstring to ansistring (which is scheduled to become unicode aware in time).   Unfortunately this is a no go. Like Delphi, FPC doesn't support initialization/finalization for TP "object" objects, making such attempt extremely painful.   This means that nothing short of a rewrite on "class" basis will do.
    • Hi Basil.   Mo  Tu  We  Th  Fr  Sa  Su 28  29  30  31   1   2   3 │ 53 4   5   6   7    8   9  10 │  1   I have compared this to 2 German paper calendars at work and a few on the internet.   Also read here: http://www.merlyn.demon.co.uk/weekinfo.htm#WkNo   I am pretty sure that the calculation is correct. Please recheck this with a few calendars where you live.   Thank you, Stefan / AH
    • Hi! I have an idea for a new feature for the editor NDN. To menu "Search" add function "Delete line..." This feature would operate similarly to the "Replace..." but when it finds the search text (or will not find - as an option) delete the whole line. Of course, finding it should be possible by means of regular expressions.   Example: I want to delete all lines NOT starting with the words: FUNCTION or PROCEDURE I set: Text to find: $[ \t]*(FUNCTION|PROCEDURE) Options: [x] Delete when NOT FOUND , [x] Regular expression And press key "Delete all"   Adam