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  1. bugs in 3.00.0004

    Если это про линукс - то пока просмотр и редактирование текста в кодовых страницах реализовано только в полях ввода. задача большая нужная и интересная, делаться однозначно будет. буду делать я или может найдётся кто другой ?! я на данный момент занят другим большим куском кода.
  2. bugs in 3.00.0004

    на линуксе русские буквы будут только при русском интерфейсе (такой вот костыль) для винды попробуйте сборку U64 (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_wEiYjzVkC0ZGtkbENENzF1Nms файл NDN-v3.00.0005.7Z) кодировки настраиваются в меню настройки - конфигурация-просмотр-кодовые страницы
  3. tetris

    Настройки -> конфигурация -> мышка + отключите в свойствах окна быстрое выделение мышкой Настраивается в Настройки->Архиваторы->Конфигурация форматов Путь к архиватору задаётся или полный, или архиватор должен находиться в %path% у меня они живут в %windir% более-менее актуальные архиваторы под 10-ку есть тут https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Q89e/ND42xe1cg
  4. Collaboration on source code

    he he ;) W64 already build with FreePascal
  5. what build of NDN do you use? say OS and versions
  6. Options -> Configuration -> Highlight groups...
  7. Collaboration on source code

    Тут вся проблема в том, что следить за форумом попросту некому. Давно тут не было такого наплыва.
  8. New Release: V3.00.0005

    2020-10-22 (v3.00.0005) new: new FilePanel O - show file Owner (WinNT+,Linux) new: new FilePanel L - show file Links number (Win) new: optionally add ".." item in main folders new: Tab hotkey switch to next Window in ChangeDrive new: AsciiTab shows video and internal font for compare (Dos) new: optionally shows sort mode indicator in FilePanel new: added option directories first in SortBy menu new: "align extension if folders" and "Show [] around directories" options added to SetupColumns new: possible make copy data in Dialogs and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-BackSpc hotkey & UndoView to undo all changes new: Alt-/Ctrl-Space hotkeys reverses-bits/(de)selects all items in focused CheckBoxes fix: search file in panel (Alt-F7) was corrected new: Num-/Num+ can also de/selects directories new: optionally current item number & items count shown on bottom of the menu new: Tab/Shift-Tab goes to the next/previous menu without expanding the submenu new: Backspace in menu returns to the default item new: optionally natural sorting in panel: alphabetical and numerical new: user defined file size formatting added fix: corected some bugs in hash calculation new: toggle manager size to half/full screen, option to menu added (Ctrl-Alt-F hotkey) new: new screen savers "Other worm" and "Gravity" (last only for Dos) new: great pac-man game clone new: possible scrollbar in menus new: "Gray" button in vga palette edit dialog new: after Ctrl-Alt-F11 you can set extended video text mode selected from list in ndn.vid file (only in Dos) new: cool scrollbarx made by Sergey in file panel fix: paste long strings from clipboard optimized for speed by 1 million percent fix: Viewer: textmode hide selection if "Persistent blocks" off fix: Viewer: block do not reset while scroll by Ctrl-Keys new: new Scrollbar in Editor and Viewer fix: Show "Free space on border" and "Filter for filenames" if DriveLine is OFF new: Filepanel: Options to disable show selected files and size fix: online update works with NDN website new: optionally show current cluster on bottom dialog frame fix: sometimes you couldn't change the language after Alt-F12 and you had to press Alt-X new: change Ruller mode (dec\hex) by mouse Right button DoubleClick new: binary file comparer fix: copy/paste from clipboard was fixed (U64 version) fix: now you can change the color from the extended palette in ChangeColors new: Undo button in ChangeColors fix: End of line characters removed from dump screen after crash fix: ScrollBar(X) show true position for larges values fix: goto dirs inside .TRD files new: inside archivers Ctrl-K toggle show path new: Branch in archives (Ctrl-H) fix: Panel filter now work in archive's find result fix: drawing using VGA palette in Linux64 if option in SystemSetup enabled http://ndn.muxe.com/download/
  9. Options->configurations->intreface ->drive info -> [x] Hide Pseudo FS http://ndn.muxe.com/download/file/nightly_l64.zip p.s. i'll try use TinyCore
  10. ascii art with single and double lines work fine for me
  11. http://ndn.muxe.com/download/file/nightly_l64.zip but it localisation not finished
  12. current changes it is about support national characters
  13. 1) you dont compile resource then run main program it si a problem because forum dont have a admin.