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  1. Collaboration on source code

    Hi. I'm back to this forum after 13 (!) years of inactivity. I'm not a DN user anymore (due to becoming a linux user, and ndn on linux wasn't stable 13 years ago), however, I still think that DN UI is tuned better then any other file manager, so I'm still inetersted in the "NDN on Linux" future. Recently I found information about somebody investing thier time into porting DN variant called DNOSP to linux - https://www.linux.org.ru/news/opensource/15971481 (text is in russian) The project link is https://www.linux.org.ru/news/opensource/15971481 The project developer said that he treated NDN as closed source-project. But technically, I think NDN has more mature linux support that the project I linked above, and it's a pity that human developer resources related to Dos Navigator was spent to less advanced variant (DNOSP) instead of more advanced NDN. As far as I know 13 years ago the source code was available to "anybody who really want to edit & contribute". I asked for it, ans Stefan provides me the archive (I've lost it many years ago). In modern days, such semi-private code development sometimes leads to waste of human resources (due to work on another variant as a I pointed above). Do nowdays ndn developers have any objections to publishing the entire source code? Are there any formal licencing issues? If the only thing that stops you from publising sources are technical - the lack of time or "dont want to investigate how to create git history" etc - I'd be glad to help in publishing it. For example: you choose the public hosting platform (gitlab, github, sourceforge or choose any other) send me the sources of several versions as archives and I create organization account on the hosting platform convert the archives to git history, publish sources on that hosting, and add your account on the platform as an administrator of that project. My actual e-mail is galkin.vv@remove.anti.spam.org@yandex.ru (English or Russian).
  2. Moving Directories Inside One Drive

    The problen I described in first post looks to be another problem - it applies only to F6 (renaming with alt+F6 works correctly) and it applies to directories and not files. Maybe I hadn`t described it clearly in first post. I have folder named BigFolder containing 1000 files. It is located in C:\FirstDir I want to move it to another place in drive C: - to the C:\SecondDir C:\FirstDir is in one panel, C:\SecondDir is in other one. I put cursor to the BigFolder and press F6, Enter. What happens: -NDN creates folder BigFolder in C:\SecondDir -NDN does 1000 renaming operations - it renames C:\FirstDir\BigFolder\file1 to C:\SecondDir\BigFolder\file1 and makes such operations for each of 1000 files. -NDN removes empty C:\FirstDir\BigFolder aybe even 1000 files. But for directory with complex subdirectory structure and a dozen thousands files in it the operations maybe really slow (a few minutes) Allmost all other filemanagers do this operaion instantly - they use only one OS filesystem call - renaming C:\FirstDir\BigFolder to C:\SecondDir\BigFolder and does not any recursion. So, the problem in whatsnew/todo looks to me as another one. If it`s really the same, I'm sorry. About recreation - I have this problem with both: -2.30.6778 in windows with custom settings on NTFS -old ndn v4000 in dos with default settings on FAT so it`s really strange if you hadn`t it
  3. Hi. There is a problem in v2.30.6778/RUS (06-07-2007) WIN32, os - win2k3 (and as far I know in most previous versions in other operating systems): When I try to move folder within single drive (with F6) - NDN does recursive renaming. But it`s too slow if there is a lot of files in folder (>1000). Why single rename of the folder is not used? It`s a lot faster. If single renaming fails for some reason (locked files etc) - yes, in such case recurive renaming may be good idea, but not in general case, i think. Far, for exaple use single renaming and it works fine. In non-Windows OS's doing this with a single renaming is also possible. Thanks.
  4. Hi! There is an error with deletion of directories with long names in NDN/W32. Unfortunately, I can`t say what is the first version where it appears, but it is some from last 0.75 year, maybe version where background deletion were introduced. Steps to reproduce bug: On LFN-only drive cretate a directory with long name like 12345678901234567890 Try to delete it - the following error occured ╔══════════ Erase ══════════╗ ║ ║ ║ Erasing the directory ║ ║ 123456789012 ║ ║ subdirs: 1 ║ ║ files: 0 ║ ║ Total: 1 ║ ║ ║ ║ Stop ▄ ║ ║ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ║ ╚════════════ 0 ════════════╝ ╔═[■]════════════ Error ═════════════════╗ ║ ║ ║ Could not delete the directory ║ ║ D:\123456789012 ║ ║ ║ ║ OK ▄ ║ ║ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ║ ╚════════════════════════════════════════╝ Looks like name is truncated to 8.3 Note: this error occures only on NTFS drives with disabled short names, not in regular drives Files with long names are deleted properly. Subdirectories with long names are deleted properly too, for example: I have folder d:\short\12345678901234567890 I go to d:\short\ , try to delete 12345678901234567890 - get error lioke above I go to d:\ , try to delete short - it is deleted correctly NDN: Version v2.30.3829/ENG (25-12-2006) WIN32 (W9x/WinNT) with all settings default OS: Win2003 SP1
  5. It`s feature: here: http://forums.muxe.com/index.php?showtopic=766 ... [+] concurrent/background Copy/Delete is possible ... ([+] ôîíîâîå Êîïèðîâà íèå/Óäà ëåíèå)
  6. You have chosen correct forum, so, it seems nobody knows how to change drive letters in linux version of ndn
  7. Hi, alouette I haven`t any problems with FF1.5.0.7 (win32) So, it seem`s to be bug in your FF settings (though i`m not sure). Maybe it`s AdBlock( http://forums.muxe.com/index.php?showtopic...st=0&p=1892 ) Try to disable it. Please let us know if this helps. 2WebMaster(Stefan or somebody else(?)): if alouette confirm download link to be cut out by adblock it may be a good idea to change link. This seems to be common problem.
  8. Unfortunately, I don`t know a way to change NDN directory from a batch file. (Though, I`m not sure it doesn`t exist). For directory in a fixed drive it`s simple: Go to directory, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 (2..9) - and add directory in quick-change list Now you can access it with Alt+1 (2..9) I don`t know special feature to make it work as you want, but there is an ugly hack that works, eee... sometimes works :) Go to wanted directory on some of your drives (D:\Users\GRPROG1\ for example) press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 and add directory in quick-change list Select in main menu File->Restart NDN Now, select Options->Initialization file Search for QuickDir1 ... [Quick Directories] QuickDir1=D:\Users\GRPROG1 ... Change it to ... [Quick Directories] QuickDir1=\Users\GRPROG1 ... Save file and restart ndn again Now pressing Alt+1 will go to \Users\GRPROG1 directory in current drive. The only situation I found when this hack fails is when *:\Users\GRPROG1 already is current directory - there is unwanted extra error message. Also I`m not sure that this way is portable between different OS, even between different versions of windows.
  9. new release: 2.30.0000

    Looks like http cache is misconfigured somewhere (in ndn.muxe.com, your provider or some proxy, or in your browser) Archive size for last windows version (2.30.0024) is 1 084 839 You may try to download it here: http://gpfault.smtp.ru/_w32.rar (link is NOT permanent, I delete it next week)
  10. new release: 2.30.0000

    Hi, coucou maybe this topic helps you http://forums.muxe.com/index.php?s=&sh...post&p=1892
  11. Unfortunately I can`t reproduce this bug (I tried in 2000 without SP and in XP SP1), so I can only guess for solution. You have Ctrl+Shift+[ (should switch panel directory, without modifying cmdline) working as Ctrl+[ (put directory name to cmd line), if I understand you clearly. I have similar problem with buggy national keyboard driver for DOS that I add to my autoexec.nt The reason was that it comletly catch Ctrl+Shift combination. So, do you use some non-standard keyboard driver for DOS? Does other combinations with Ctrl+Shift work (Ctrl+shift+left/right arrows in editor for by word selection)? What symbol you get in english keyboard mode when you press Shift+[ (is it '{' or something other)? Does Ctrl+Shift+[ work if you use other (left/right) Ctrl or Shift? NDN dos32 is not recommended for use under win2000 (it has some other bugs and does not support clipboard in win2000). So, imho, you should try win32 version (v2.30.0024) (for user point of view there is very few differences between dos32 and win32 versions), and maybe you will not have your bug in it.
  12. Seems to be keyboard handling bug, what NDN edition do you use (DOS32/Win32/Linux)? No, Ctrl+Shift+] should change directory of pane immediately.
  13. I don`t know way to get NDN work as you say, but there is an alternative: pressing Ctrl+Shift+[ change right pane directory to the left`s one and Ctrl+Shift+] do opposite thing (set left pane directory). Note: this function is quite new (appears in NDN 2.15.5814) and, if it doesn`t present in your version download last one from http://ndn.muxe.com/beta.php (really, beta is more stable and functional than last 'release') For me, this way for swithing to same directory is more useful than nc style. I hope you`ll enjoy it too.
  14. Bug is not new, but only now I found when it appears NDN v2.30.0000/W32, all settings are default To reproduce: - Open/create in editor file with >=2 lines - go to first line - press End - press right (->) - press backspace Happened: second line is concatenated with the first Behaviour of many other text editors: cursor moved one character left Really, I don`t know which behaviour is better, and I`m not sure is it bug or wanted behaviour. What is it?
  15. Hi, FoxCrunch The screen looks like you are running NDN in utf8 terminal, but maybe problem is more comlicated, because it looks even more buggy than i see in UTF8 linux console... Unfortunately NDN does not support locales and multibyte encodings, like utf8... So, the only thing that can help, is changing terminal options. You may try to put your terminal in some single-byte encoding, (like koi8r), or try to use another terminal like putty