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  1. Bug In Calendar

    Hi Basil. Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 │ 53 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 │ 1 I have compared this to 2 German paper calendars at work and a few on the internet. Also read here: http://www.merlyn.demon.co.uk/weekinfo.htm#WkNo I am pretty sure that the calculation is correct. Please recheck this with a few calendars where you live. Thank you, Stefan / AH
  2. Command Line Handling Is F'ed Up :)

    Hi again Dan, would you test the execution behaviour for me? http://www.bnhof.de/~ho1459/temp/ndn_w32.E...st.Dandv.01.rar Thank you, Stefan / AH
  3. Find Panel, Date In Dbfview, Select By Ins

    Hi Adam, 1. Yes, this is already on the todo list 2. Added to the todo list. 3. I cannot confirm this. It works for me under Windows XP, didn't test this in DOS. Can you do some tests for me? Stefan / AH
  4. Command Line Handling Is F'ed Up :)

    Hi Dan, did you know that FindFirst() and FindNext() actually do successfully find files named file.ext> file.ext| file.ext< ... ? I didn't know either. :P Hopefully this fix brings back the previous execution behavior, without screwing the new features... Stefan / AH
  5. Ndn/w32 + Windows 7

    Hi, I would like to know whether NDN/W32 works in Windows 7 32-Bit and (even more interesting) Windows 7 64-Bit. I hope some of you can post some comments on this. Thank you, Stefan / AH
  6. How Do I Keep Panels Uneven?

    Hey Elfy, long time no see. I am glad to hear from you again. This is a bug which is already on my todo list: - changed panel separator is reset on (re)start of NDN (Slavik) [] Pretty annoying I must admit, I will check it out right away. Thank you, Stefan / AH
  7. New Release: V2.31.5309

    Hi! Have not worked on it yet. Whatsnew TODO section: SCREEN / VIDEO MODES + LNX: UTF-8 (unicode) screen draw support (VK LFS) I won't give any time frame or similar. It will be done when it's done and you will read it in the posted news. Sorry for not being able to give positive feedback. Do you mean NDN on Windows 64-Bit systems? Sorry, I was not specific enough: NDN reportedly didn't run on (some?) 64-Bit Linux distributions and I hope that the ELF fixes fixed this issue... Stefan / AH
  8. New Release: V2.31.5309

    Hi everyone, long time no see! :) I hope you all had a good year 2010 until now. As you can judge from the not much advanced build counter there have not been much compiles of NDN since it's last release. Main reason for this (see the news) is PE2ELF: NDN for Linux should now work again on old (more strict?) kernels. I also hope that it now works on 64-Bit systems Besides that I've (hopefully) fixed the remaining file execution bugs that I've introduced with the last releases! Whatsnew: ─════┤ v2.31.5309 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 22.03.10 ├═══════════════════════════─ CONFIGURATION FILES [*] NDN.QDR/W32: added more Windows directories [*] NDN.HGL: the Pascal FILES line was extended with regex pattern >PROGRAM|UNIT< [+] HGROUPS.INI: Added *.mts;*.m2ts TARGET OS/VIRTUAL PASCAL COMPATIBILITIES: [-] W32/WinNT+: Window titles did not handle kyrillic correctly {G} [A] -> wintitle.SetTitle() now correctly checks for WindowsNT [-] LNX: PE2ELF didn't create fully working ELF executables - failed on older LINUX distributions like RedHat Linux 7.3 (Kernel 2.4.18-3) [A] (Akser) -> Rewrote PE2ELF (did cost me most of the time since the last release!) TURBOVISION: VIEWS/DIALOGS/MENUS/OBJECTS/MESSAGES/DESKTOP [*] Inputlines: English <-> Russian only worked on marked data [N] -> dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent() now uses whole data if nothing is selected [-] Clipboard insert into hexline crashed NDN [A] -> dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent() destroyed the contents of drivers.TEvent.InfoLong -> replaced dialogs.TInputLine.LastCommandWas with IsHexLineEvent -> added drivers.TEvent.InfoDetail DNEXEC/EXTERNAL VIEWER,EDITOR/EXECUTE EXT/LOCAL,GLOBAL MENUS [-] W32/D32: Extensions from %PathExt% environment variable were ignored [A] (Dandv) -> moved dnexec.Executables to filetype (private) and added wrapper functions (Add|Get|Is)ExecutableExt() -> dnexec._ExecString().CheckWhatParams() now uses filetype.IsExecutable() -> fileio.SearchPathEnv() uses GetExecutableExt() [-] W32/D32: Executing file in same dir without extension failed with 'Command "." not found..." [A] (Rugxulo, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros) -> fileio.SearchPathEnv() used "/" instead of "\" in ".\<file>", now using SysPathSep() [-] LNX: non-ELF executables were randomly executed [A] -> filetype.IsExecutable() didn't provide an ASCIIZ to stat() INFO PANEL [-] Resizing the window shows renadom colors and bad strings (Slavik) Hangup on FTP-VFS [A] -> infopane.TDiskInfo.Draw() used shr 1 instead of div 2 which led to bad results for string length calculations SCREEN / VIDEO MODES [-] Video mode setup: Mode 1/2 were not saved to .ini on exit [A] -> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand()ChScreenMode() didn't notify the configuration change in startup.ConfigModified Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/ See you soon again I hope, Stefan / AH
  9. New Release: V2.31.5222

    Hi RayeR and Dan. Nice to hear that it works for you. I feared that it would end up in more problems on other systems that I tried to solve with it. Lol, yes! I just added the english version of the path: ?%UserProfile%\My Documents\ Unfortunately there's no direct environment shortcut to this directory, as many programs open that directory by default. Bye, Stefan / AH
  10. Native Support For 7-zip?

    Hi Dan, native support is the only solution. And as the sources for 7Zip are available it should be possible. I will add it to the list, whenever I touch the archive code again (there are several issues) 7ZIP wil be worked on too. Thank you, Stefan / AH
  11. Ctrl+e Don't Work

    Check if this option is enabled: Options.Configuration.Miscellaneous setups....Keyboard Setup.Use WordStar "diamond" Stefan / AH
  12. New Release: V2.31.5222

    Hi friends. This release does not contain as much updates as I wanted it to have. After all, it does contain some nice updates though. Real life kept me busy, but it's getting "better". :) I especially want to point out to NDNOLDAP, which mainly I wrote out of interest for the "technology" of virtual device drivers. The sources can be downloaded from the download page. Whatsnew: ─════┤ v2.31.5222 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 12.12.09 ├═══════════════════════════─ [*] W32: dnos.CheckOS() didn't set opWin for WinNT+ OS's, D32 did [+] added filetype unit and moved several functions there: dnexec.(Win32Program|GUIProgram)(), fileio.(IsElf|IsExecutable)() -> removed flpanelx.ExecFile_Rights, improved IsExecutable() to read the UNIX rights from the current filerec in panel or from the file on disk [!] Exceptions were always unknown / unhandled -> drivers4.InitDrivers() sets system.ExceptObjProc to nil CONFIGURATION FILES [*] NDN.EXT/DW32: added Borland DLL to c,cpp[], NASM to asm[] [*] NDN.MNU: added Winamp example [*] NDN.QDR/W32: added more Windows directories [*] NDN.HGL: updated the keywords for assembler files (Slava), added RegKeyWords[1-8] to the *.HGL syntax definition [*] NDN.HGL: added standard TabSize (commented) and OptimalFill Off to several definitions [*] New default option: File Manager.Setup.[X] Don't quote LFN, clipboard -> added commands.fm2DontQuoteClip to startup.FMSetup.Options2 DNEXEC/EXTERNAL VIEWER,EDITOR/EXECUTE EXT/LOCAL,GLOBAL MENUS [-] Detection of WIN32 GUI executables didn't work anymore [A] -> dnexec._ExecString() didn't handle the file extension correctly [-] Exec file search priority order was still not correct [A] (Dandv) -> fileio.SearchPathEnv() now doesn't use dos.FSearch() anymore, which scans all directories for one filename instead of scanning each directory for all filenames [*] NDN.EXT/External user menu boxes didn't use desktops > 25 lines -> usermenu.ExecUserMenu() now uses menus.THugeMenuBox.InitAdv() to create the menu box [-] EXEC/WNT: Executed filename had an trailing space (see "echo %0") [A] -> dnexec._ExecString().CheckWhatParams() didn't trim whitespace before enclosing in '"' [*] D32/W32: Execution improvment if a program is no executable -> dnexec._ExecString().CheckWhatParams() allows non-executables to be started asynchronously like windos GUI applications; this automatically starts the associated Windows program -> dnexec._ExecFile() allows non-executables to be executed in Windows if there's no association in ndn.ext -> W32: Note that bat/cmd files cannot be started asynchronously for some reason (CreateProcess + Detached_Process): can someone help here? WOA/WINOLDAP (D32/NT) [+] Wrote a WinOldAp replacement for Windows NT+ Operating Systems, supporting PROTECTED and REAL MODE calls, usable in DPMI programs -> added winoldap.pas, winoldif.pas, ntvdmif.pas to extsrc\winoldap.dll [+] Supports: MS Windows WinOldAP Clipboard, MS Windows95 Window Title [*] D32/NT: Window title functions are no longer disabled -> removed WinNT checks from wintitle.(Set|Get|Init|Done)Title() [+] Added "Release Current Virtual Machine Time-Slice" (Int 2F/AX=1680h) -> added winoldif.WoaReleaseVmTimeSlice() using windows.Sleep(5) KEYBOARD [+] Added Ctrl-';' {C} -> added commands.kbCtrlSemiColon, extended drivers.MyKeyShiftCodes[] and driversMyKeyScanCodes[] TURBOVISION: VIEWS/DIALOGS/MENUS/OBJECTS/MESSAGES/DESKTOP [*] removed this as it's not helpful [*] Inputlines [LEFT/RIGHT]: Pass the event on to the next view if at the beginning or the end of the inputline -> Modified dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent().kb(Left|Right) [-] Huge menu boxes now correctly center [A] -> menus.THugeMenuBox.InitAdv() now uses Options.ofCentered to center the view (see W32.Context menu) [-] Clicking on help buttons didn't work {C} -> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand().cmHelp didn't handle Event.InfoWord correctly [+] Added reverse word/sentence operation {C} -> added stringsx.Reverse(Str|Buf)(), modified stringsx.FormatStrCase() -> added kbSemiColon to dialogs.TInputLine.HandleEvent() [*] MENUS: When copying strings to clipboard the hotkey '~'s are removed -> added drivers3.CStr2Str(), used in menus.TMenuView.Execute().kbCtrlIns [-] Non resizable views could be resized with mouse after [CTRL-F5] (Slava) [A] -> views.TView.DragView() didn't check whether move or grow were allowed, now checking the mode parameter EDITOR [+] Added reverse word/sentence operation {C} -> added commands.cmReverse(Block|String|Word) -> modified microed6.EditorHandleEvent() and micro_3.EdChangeCase(), micro_3.EdChangeBlockCase() DBF VIEWER [*] removed Day_in_month: array now use timedate.DaysInMonth {G} [-] fix foxpro's DateTime field {G} (Zaimskih) correct Edit Field with TimeDate value [-] fix display integer fields {G} [-] fix search in all fields {G} [+] add Alt-F7 hotkey = SearchReverse {G} [-] Fix incorrect show last modified date {G} LANGUAGES [*] Russian: updates/translations to the resources and online help {G} FILE PANEL [!] Context Menu: * crash when opening '..' and too many files in dir (HUNTER) [A] -> contextm.c didn't provide the LPITEMIDLIST itself but a reference to it * crashes on menu exit: drivers@493, views@1421, ... [A] - menus.THugeMenuBox.Init() didn't handle long title strings - contextm.p_OpenWinMenuInTV() inserted menu but didn't remove it * One of the above also fixed the usage of OleFlushClipboard(), which makes it possible to copy files via the context menus LANGUAGES / RESOURCES (RCP) / HELP (TVHC) [-] Screen saver setup title was missing characters [A] {C} -> last string in ndn.dlg was not correctly saved -> rstrings.TIdxMaker.Done() used a bad loop start value: 0 instead of 1 GAMES [-] Piton and Tetris will pause when the user screen [ALT-F5] is on [NC] {C} -> game_(pit|tet).TGameView(P).Update() checks for usermenu.UserScreenIsOn Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/ I wish everyone of you a Merry Christmans and a Happy New Year. See you again in January 2010. All the best, Stefan / AH
  13. Comparing Files By Content Vs. Archives

    Hi Dan, I know that there are issues. I think about using built in CRC sums to compare files (perfect for all modern archivers). Extracting files is the last consequence of course. For this I want to implement a new file access layer which should abstract the deletion or file copy handling from the actual accessed VFS. With this FTP and ARC should work out of the box with all existing features of NDN. Probably won't be trivial, but it's pretty important to me. Btw, I am working on a new release for this week, sorry for another long delay... Stefan / AH
  14. What programmimg language do you use for NDN?

    Ok, I didn't think of BANG like you did. I do understand, your Unicode bit from down below is a good argument for this. Still I claim that bitrot can be prevented or minimized by carefully planing and updating APIs. We've been talking about big projects all the time... You probably expected the next answer from me: "The ones that implement a feature that has such an impact on the program." If a target does not support unicode or not yet, make sure it doesn't "bang". If possible make "fall through" code available that will handle these cases without touching the target system that may be in the need of a rewrite to support the new feature. Of course, if developers do not see or value the whole project (i.e. each target) then the target or project is lost... Who is being unfair now? The fact that NDN works quite well on GNU/Linux proves that I know more about "them", whatever "topic" and "their culture" than you imply that I know of. Yes, that's another thing that I'd like to my bitrot list from my last post: - Project can be left and unmaintained at any time, no matter if finished or not, since it's open source and someone else can pick it up An entertaining site on this: http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/ There's no good moment to replace a complete development system. This is a choice of all or nothing. ...then I should port everything to C/C++ to solve all future problems and make all target operating systems possible. True. Good luck.
  15. What programmimg language do you use for NDN?

    Hi Marco! I wanted to end this thread, but I found a few arguments that I had to answer to. :) So, shouldn't the updated RTL be able to handle the fact that not all targets will be on the same level? At least there should be no BANG. :) True. Agreed - I just think that all these reasons should not render a port useless, even if it's not at the same level as the most popular ports. That's true too of course, if you break or change an abstraction layer that already worked... My favourite topic... Bitrot is especially true for Linux and FreeBSD where the "developers" behave like this: - Source code is the best documentation - No need to keep APIs or constants "constant" because the source code is available and can be recompiled on any system anytime - Writing APIs or drivers for freaks not end users But let's not continue too much on this... Mine isn't. :P No productivity at all while the months that will be spent without producing any new value, i.e. feature improvments or corrections. The risk of breaking existing functionality, esp. in large and/or complex projects. Even more in "dangerous" software projects that involve machines f.ex. The customer might be interested in the reasons for why he get's a software update. If his system or machine won't work afterwards you might have to explain why. High productivity can be interpreted in several ways: - concerning NDN: many releases with new features and bug fixes each year, introducing less to no new bugs per release, maybe even adding a new OS target someday - concerning my company: selling many machines each year, with hardly any stop times, producing a lot of material the customer can sell Stefan / AH