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How to assign a path to drive letter under Linux ?

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alouette    0



Inside Linux (Debian Etch), when i click on the drive letter, the path isn't as i want. So, how can i change this ?

I search in the menus and in the files, even after a "ndn.dr?" which we can see in the "Global setup" (no file like this into the directory), but i found nothing to change the path for the drive letter.


For A is "/" and nothing else ; B is "/dev/pts", C is "/dev/shm"...

I would this : A for "/floppy", B as "/", C for "/etc"...





Note : Necromancer's DOS Navigator is "un bel objet" (in french, "a beautiful thing" in every meaning), congratulations ! I like it very much since I used it, even more than Midnight Commander.


Note 2 : on the download page, the floppy image for download doesn't appear with Firefox, i used IE for download.

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alouette    0



Nobody answer me. Is it because there is no possibility to change the path of Drive Letter ? Or because i should post in another forum like development ?

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sorry for the late reply


there's no possibility to do that from inside NDN

ndn reads /proc/mounts and gets all drives from there


if i remember correctly the drives are sorted by their paths so it should not make sense to reorder this file


if anyone of you has a nice idea how to sort or order these paths (options, algorithms) let me know


have fun with the upcoming release


Stefan / AH

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