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  1. Thank, i'll wait next version, perhaps it'll be changed.
  2. hi, Nobody answer me. Is it because there is no possibility to change the path of Drive Letter ? Or because i should post in another forum like development ?
  3. You're right, may be a window setup is useless. But for my first contact, the window setup was easy to use because it's simple to understand. After, i can edit the file, but it's after.
  4. You're talking about hgroups.ini with F4 ? Why make a window setup for highlight groups ? Better to tell us "Edit hgroups.ini with F4" in the setup panel...
  5. Hello, I wanted to expand the window to see all the extensions for each highlight group, it's much easy to look after an extension if the window is enlarge, because the lines are very long. When i have tried to see where was the *.help, i have do click on "modify" for each line... In this case, to be able to enlarge the window is very practical. a+
  6. Hi, GPFault, It's Adblock effectively, thank you for the info. Or put the message "Desactive AdBlock for see the download icon" above links. a+
  7. Hello, The disk image for download doesn't appear with Firefox :ph34r: In this link for example : <a href="http://ndn.muxe.com/fclick/fclick.php?ad=18"> <img src="./i/disk.gif" width=20 height=17 border=0 alt="ndn v2.15 build 4000_w32"></a> Can you change ./i/disk.gif to i/disk.gif ? Like this : http://ndn.muxe.com/i/disk.gif Perhaps the icone will be visible. a+ See yourself a copy of my screen : http://cjoint.com/?jzlXUqehBN
  8. Hello, I used NDN Beta 4209 on Linux Debian 2.6.12. If i want to enlarge the window for the highlight groups [Options > File Manager] by clicking on "+" in the right upper corner, NDN is freezing completely, i must close the xterm because NDN doesn't response anything at all. a+ Alouette
  9. Hello, Inside Linux (Debian Etch), when i click on the drive letter, the path isn't as i want. So, how can i change this ? I search in the menus and in the files, even after a "ndn.dr?" which we can see in the "Global setup" (no file like this into the directory), but i found nothing to change the path for the drive letter. For A is "/" and nothing else ; B is "/dev/pts", C is "/dev/shm"... I would this : A for "/floppy", B as "/", C for "/etc"... a+ Alouette Note : Necromancer's DOS Navigator is "un bel objet" (in french, "a beautiful thing" in every meaning), congratulations ! I like it very much since I used it, even more than Midnight Commander. Note 2 : on the download page, the floppy image for download doesn't appear with Firefox, i used IE for download.