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new release: 2.30.0000

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Hello everyone!


again sorry for the long delay, i had a lot of private things to do.


before i post the news, i need to say a few things:


i will be in munich for the next 4-6 months (maybe longer) for an internship at a big company,

and i hope i can also do my diploma thesis there too.

i hope to have a lot of free time for NDN - no more studying :).


but the MAIN problem that arises because of this is that i don't have an internet connection at the moment.

i am looking for reliable and cheap possibilities (DSL/CABLE).

i don't know when i will be able to be online every day again.


therefore i would like to ask everyone of you to wait with source code/bug reports via email until i repost here to tell you that i have access to internet again.

or, of course, post all of your bug reports to the forum, but i won't be able to answer until i return home 1-2 times each month or have my internet account in munich.



that's it for now. on to the news:


[!] version was set to 2.30 because this is my first release in my 4th year

of working on NDN (v?.3? = 3 years)

[!] congratulations to Garl: all the best for your marriage from the NDN team

[+] added "Ignore All" option to drivers5.SystemError (copy, delete etc...)

[-] D32/W32 fixed several problems concerning

Options.Configuration.Startup/Shutdown."Smart windows box close" [ANC]

- D32 NT ...doesn't work since WinOldAPI is not supported

- W32 there's no way to prevent the window from closing, therefore removed

this option and always exit

-> removed dnutil.W95QuitSent

[-] LNX added SIGTERM handling; NDN quits on receiving it

-> added vpsyslnx.SigHandler(), used from SysCtrlSetCBreakHandler

caught in drivers4

[-] W32 TrayIcon wasn't removed when closing window via [X]

(Vladimir Bochkarev) [A]

-> NDN has not quit correctly after receiving the closing event in


[*] added Options.Configuration.Color Setup.Dialogs.Cluster Disabled

(Checkboxes/Radiobuttons) to the color setup [Z}

[-] LNX modified/created files got 0200 access rights afterwards [V] {P}

-> vpsyslnx.SysSetFileAttr()

[*] added Oracle SQLPlus highlighting

[-] D32/LNX/OS2 tetris/piton gameplay was too fast (Rugxulo)

-> LastDelay code used different multiplier for W32

[*] updated russian resources {P}

[*] LNX: Reseting NDN produced an error message because ECHO was not found

-> lowercased the ECHO in *.dnl

[*] HGL: added GRUB and TASM MAKEFILE highlight data

[*] D32: VPC.EXE can now also be used in pure DOS with the HX DOS Extender

UPDATE: the RTL can be compiled w/o problems, but trying to build NDN

hangs VPC



[+] added overwrite files (force) option to extract archive dialog

-> changed *.dnr and archiver.UnarchiveFiles.MakeATypeStr

[*] russian characters correctly shown in CAB archives [NC] {G}

-> arc_cab.TCABArchive.GetFile uses keymap.Ansi_Ascii()



[*] filecopy and advance0 had almost identical CRC code, commented filecopy

[+] reset copy options option (Dandv) and delete/keep partial files option

[*] merged the copy/rename move dialogs into one, only changing title and

using checkbox states

-> added views.TWindow.SetTitle, commented dlgRenameDialog, enhanced


[-] LNX: deleting symbolic/soft links still handled the target and not the

linkfile in subdirectories (GPFault) [A]

-> eraser.EraseFiles.DOSDelDir checks if file is a link

[+] Copy/move option: Preserve directory structure (Garl) {Z}

(destination path = <destpath>+<srcpath>+<filename>)

[+] concurrent/background Copy/Delete is possible - not FTP (Mansoor/Dandv)

-> while copying only few time for other tasks,

only one copy/delete process allowed

-> filecopy/eraser.Info.Options.ofSelectable, gauge.DisPatchEvents*App*,




[-] D32/WINDOWS COPY/MOVE: when trying to copy DIZ for a file on a drive

which has LFN disabled NDN couldn't handle the DIZ file [A] (Eugeniusz Kosek)

-> fileio.lFileNameOf() didn't check lFile.AssignFileMode correctly



[-] W32 !: & ~! still sometimes returned crap (GPFault) [A]

-> lfn.lGetShortFileName was not 100% in every case (usermenu.MakeString)

[-] LNX: screen output was bad sometimes when executing files [V] {P}

-> vpsyslnx.SysExecute called SuspendTerm after Fork()



[-] NETWORK: correct display of russian filenames [A] {G}

-> keymap.Ansi_Ascii: removed from network.GetResources,

added to vfs_netw.TNetDrive.GetResourceList

[*] FIND/BRANCH: loaded file lists after starting NDN...

- multiple duplicate selected files were not reselected correctly [NC]

-> added filescol.TFileRec.NameCRC which holds a CRC32 based on the

complete filename: faster and 100% compare for equal names

(since filescol.TFileRec.Owner isn't stored to disk)

* reading list (with marked files) took very long

-> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.RereadDir was improved: faster and smaller

(about 3 times faster)

-> new desktop version!

[*] FTP: sockets now are created with the SO_KEEPALIVE flag

[+] FTP: implemented a keepalive function to prevent disconnection

-> views.TView now stores/loads UpdTicks to/from disk,

added updview, views.RegisterTo(Prior|Background) init the

views.TView.UpdTimer, added vfs_ftp.TFTPConnected.Update

[-] FIND: giving sizes to the advanced dialog like 1M didn't work [DNOC]

-> modified stringsx.StoI() to except strings with a trailing char: KGMT,

basically all number inputlines should now be able to correctly read

'12k' as 12*1024

-> also added stringsx.StoZ() for 64-Bit integers

[*] FIND: multiple concurrent searches are not possible; when a file search

is active and a new search is started NDN will select the active window

[*] added vfs_driv.TDrive.CanHandleDiz():Boolean

[-] TEMP/FIND: DIZ was not (correctly) handled (Eugeniusz Kosek) [DNOC]

- no desc. display in panel: CanHandleDiz in vfs_drive.TDrive.GetFull

- toggle descs didn't work (CTRL-K): CanHandleDiz in fltools.CM_ToggleDescriptions

- edit DIZ (ALT-INS) support: modified vfs_driv.TDrive.EditDescription,

flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle.cmEditDiz; corrected


- DIZ handling in COPY/MOVE (F5) and FAST RENAME (ALT-F6) operations:

added dizfiles.GetPDIZ(), used

* 3 times in filecopy.FilesCopy before ImportDiz() blocks

* 2 times in fltools.CM_RenameSingle after RenameF()

- get PFILEREC.DIZ while creating/rereading lists (like TDrive):

* 2 times in vfs_find.FindFiles after NewFileRec

[-] FIND: bug when searching <name>.*: '.*' removed completely [A]

-> vfs_find.FindFiles removes .* but adds a '*'

-> maybe this needs more work

[+] TDrive.GetDriveID(): A-Z?#* used in flpanelx.(_ChangeDrive|_DoCtrl)



[-] fixed view of empty dbase7 files {G}

[*] now NDN can view DBF with corrupted header {G}

!!! Modifing this file can corrupt data !!!

-> if Messagebox(GetString(dlDBViewHeaderError) , nil, mfYesNoConfirm) = cmNo



[-] Color setup contained rest of the diskfixer colors (Vladimir Bochkarev) [A]

-> added IFDEFs for terminal and diskfixer color data



[*] LNX: mouse clipboard actions only copied/pasted 15 chars (GPFault) {P} [V]

-> removed KbdBuffer limitation of 15 in vpsyslnx.KbdTerminalThread



[*] added views.TView.(|De)RegisterSelf(ToPrior|ToBackground)

[*] improvements to the display of current/max items in ListBox views

-> removed SetSubTitle() from views.TListViewer.Draw() and

added it to views.TListViewer.HandleEvent()

[+] added TComboBox: can replace any TRadioButton and save quite some space

in dialogs (thanks to DN/2 for the idea)

-> added.dialogs.TComboBox, works like common Windows/GUI implementations

-> used in

dlgFMSetup.Quick Search

dlgInterfaceSetup.Drive Info

dlgConfirmations.Open new window?

dlgEditorDefaults.Default code page/Line divisor

dlgViewerDefaults.Default ~V~iew Mode

dlgDisAsmDefaults.Size display

dlgSystemSetup.Use Config 1/2

-> updated the *.pal files



[+] added [CTRL-HOME/END] and improved mouse wheel handling

-> tree.TTreeView.HandleCommand



[-] slow compare directories even for small filecounts (Dandv) [A]

-> fltools.CM_CompareDirs: [ESC] was polled too often

[*] unmark based on NameCRC's, which should be faster

-> filescol.TFilesCollection.Compare: using TFileRec.NameCRC for

smCopyUnselect, smGetSelection, smUndefined...,

added USE_FILEREC_CRC define

[*] Quick Dir Window (ALT-SHIFT-0) didn't handle '~' in pathnames

-> dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand().DoQuickChange()

[-] drive letter invisible when selecting drive from FIND/BRANCH (Dandv) [A]

-> flpanel.TDriveLine.Draw didn't draw correctly if dtFind;

changed vfs_find.TFindDrive.GetRealName() to return the actual

base directory, used in


[*] using TDrive.IsUp (also via Changeup) in


[*] Options.Configuration.System Setup

- single disks can be removed from DriveLine display (Necromancer)

-> added commands.ossNoDriveLine, used in


modified flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle.HandleCommand:

added cmRereadForced handling

- LNX: "Don't use LFN" was removed

[-] LNX X: file execution via mouse (double click) hung up NDN (GPFault) [V]

-> vpsyslnx.SysTVInitMouse didn't init MouseBuffer(Mutex|Count)



[*] LNX: now using SIGWINCH to detect window/screen size changes

-> disabled previous method in dnapp.TProgram.Idle,

added SIGWINCH handling to vpsyslnx.SysCtrlSetCBreakHandler and

drivers4.TVCtrlBreak (works in X and real terminals)



[+] D32: added CuteMouse v2.0 alpha 4 mouse wheel support


have fun, and see you soon hopefully


Stefan / AH


download: http://ndn.muxe.com/beta.php

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hoak    0

Haven't been here in a while, I'm so glad to see you're still working on NDN AngelsHolocaust! Was also really gald to see NDN included on the Sourceforge.net UB CD!


Congratulations (even if it's a very late one)! I look forward to the day when NDN is the default text mode navigator replacing MC on major Linux distributions!



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Guest coucou   
Guest coucou



I'll be very glad if i could updating my old ndn.

I can't get any download link with my IE browser in http://ndn.muxe.com/beta.php page :( Why???


May you please give us a download link mirror, especially W32 and d32???




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Guest coucou   
Guest coucou

TNX GPFault i found it too.... but it does'nt help.

It's an older version, NOT 2.30 version




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Garl    0

i add some progressbar in delete dialog, if someone can - please test it.





w32.rar (716065)

do we need this in NDN?

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