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  1. To Users: Vista Compatibility?

    Hi! Long time since I posted here, so glad this is project is still going strong! To answer your question; yes, you probably should get a copy of Vista to test on as the OS is very flaky and idiosyncratic -- if you want NDN to work properly with it; you can install it in emulators like VMware (it will run show)... I installed Vista used it for about a week and deleted it; it's very sluggish even when tweakd on state-of-the-art hardware, and the Vista Explorer file manager is a turd to use -- so some Users and Developers that must use Vista might well greatly appreciate NDN's speed, and clean form that follows function design! Excited to try new version! :)
  2. new release: 2.30.0000

    Haven't been here in a while, I'm so glad to see you're still working on NDN AngelsHolocaust! Was also really gald to see NDN included on the Sourceforge.net UB CD! Congratulations (even if it's a very late one)! I look forward to the day when NDN is the default text mode navigator replacing MC on major Linux distributions! :wub:
  3. new beta: 2.14.9501

    And it's GREAT! :) Would it ever be possible to integrate a rustic text based web browser in DN like Lynx or Pico? Even with the most primitive browsing features it would be very nice feature making DN even more powerful as so much is accessible through HTML -- even local system administrative interfaces now... I know what I'm suggesting would probably be a lot of work, perhaps far too much, but there are many open source text browser projects that might make it not as difficult... In any case thank you for a great update! :)
  4. WoWoW!

    And another update! That guy is just amazing! I'm surprised this is not a part of most Linux distributions already as it's so much nicer then MC, and vastly more user friendly for the Linux Noob that is stuck in the command line and needs to get around! I'm only guessing but I'd bet there's money to be had in DN on Linux in integrating large distro and maintenance featurs... I'll definitely mention it on the µLinux forums -- but I'd bet there's even money to be made in integrating DN with a big Linux Distro maintenance features. My last wish is to one day see a browser like pico or lynx integrated in to DN, but I'm very happy with it as it is... Thank you again and again Stefan for maintaining this site and updating this fantastic application! :)
  5. WoWoW!

    I'm so pleased that this project is still being supported and hosted! :D