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Wish: Macros repeat and calling macro from macro

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haman    0

Hi All,


in old DN was possible to "recurse" macro to itself to make it repeating automatically and very fast.


at the end of recording of macro, user pressed Ctrl+Alt+number (i'm not sure of this keystroke, maybe it was similar) before of Shift+Alt+number (end recording) DN remembered that this macro is "recursive":


user pressed Ctrl+Alt+number and then holds only CTRL and the macro repeated.


in NDN I can't reproduce this with any other similar keystroke. Can you make it possible AngelsHolocaust ?


because I have long files (2000+ lines ) and I need to apply macros on every line. it's not user friendly to hold Ctrl+Alt+number and wait for complete macros for all lines.


and btw, in old DN the macro evaluating was much faster. hm?




PS.: calling macro from macro would be also cool, to produce complex macros.

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hi haman!


it should be possible to call macro from macro, i will try to implement it

(are you sure this worked in previous DN? the latest DN i used doesn't support this...)


holding CTRL key to repeat the macro shoould be no big problem

(in fact, i just implemented it into NDN in university...)


what about this idea:

if you hold ALT you will be prompted to input a number which tells NDN how often to repeat

the macro


about the speed:

it won't be possible to be as fast as the old DN

but, it should be possible to improve the speed


hope this is what you want :)


Stefan / AH


PS: Sorry for the long delay, but i couldn't post to the board...

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Garl    0

little wish:


maybe add checkbox to Options-Configuration-Confirmation dialog to run Macro?



a have macro (Ctrl-K-A , Ctrl-Del , F2)

and someone run it in editor :(

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haman    0

Garl: what a drastic macro :)


AH: the autorepeating macro is cool! I even figured out how to keep running it without pressing CTRL and I don't mean to put mouse or something heavy over CTRL key :)


Try running macro in repeat mode (hold CTRL after running) and while holding CTRL click with mouse cursor outside of NDN window. after that, you can release CTRL key and activate NDN window with mouse clicking on taskbar.


you will see the macro keeps going :)



it's extreme cool, AH pls keep it like that :)



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