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  1. Hello everybody, When I'm installing NDN on new workstation or I loose my configuration because of whatever reason, I need to adapt NDN configuration to fit my needs. So here are the changes I do after default installation: (current version in use: Necromancer's Dos Navigator v2.31.2699/WIN32 ) Options / Configuration / System setup / Enable keyboard macros (Shift+Alt+number to record macro, Ctrl+Alt+number to play macro) Panel Options (Alt+S) / Sort by group index - enable (to have archives, executables, pictures, etc. listed in group Options / File Manager / Setup / Beep after copy - disable (Sound was annoying - also slowed down a computer in some situations) Options / Configuration / Load Palette - Norton (i'm the old school guy) Options / File Manager / Hightlight groups - Change color of pictures group (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc) - becase in default it's same like a background color, so they are hidden. I accidently deleted directory with JPG files! Options / Configuration /Miscellaneous setups / Keyboard setup / Use WordStar "diamond" - Enable - This enables shortcuts Ctrl+E / Ctrl+X for listing through history of commandline commands Shift+F12 - Change video mode to 94 collumns (To see description field) I'm sure I modify also other default options, but now I don't remember. What are your modifications of default options? /haman
  2. Moving Files Is Slow

    I think, NDN does not try to copy files, but it's a fact, that NDN's move routine is very slow. Even if you try to move 1 folder with many files inside it to different location on same drive, it is slow. Because NDN tries to move every file inside that folder separately, one by one. Windows or Far moves only the actual folder. Honestly, I don't use NDN to move many files. I use FAR or Windows for that. I would like to fix this as a top priority.
  3. Utf-8

  4. Hello all, I'm using latest beta: Necromancer's Dos Navigator v2.30.7187/WIN32 Hotkeys Ctrl+E, Ctrl+X for Next/Previous command in command history don't work. Is this needs to be enabled in options? if yes, where? thanks, /haman
  5. false broken ZIP archive

    NDN cannot open some ZIP files correctly. try this one http://www.opensubtitles.org/sk/download/sub/6205 this ZIP is ok for pkunzip, winzip, winrar, etc. /haman using NDN v2.30.0024/WIN32
  6. In Editor, Shift+End selects invisibly

    AH, I confirm your post. Shift+del deletes keyword, Ctrl+Del does nothing. tested on v2.15.7104/WIN32 /haman PS.: BTW, I don't like the Shift+Del deletes a keyword in next line ;)
  7. Hello AH! When I press Ctrl+F8, the question appears: "Confirm, print XXX lines? YES/NO" After pressing Yes, nothing happens, just question dissapears. /haman
  8. Hi All, I figured out that I cannot print from NDN. I have Printer setup inactive in Configuration. There is no info in DOC, and there is no similar topic i this forum. I just found in popup Help that - "Printer Setup - D32 Only!" - the more detailed explantation is missing. I think this will be easy one for you out there. For me, it's big mystery. Who will answer first? :) /haman
  9. DBView - my wish.

    Hi all dbf lovers, I just tested Search in All fields in NDN2.15.7104-w32 and it still does not work. Only search In cursor field works. ;( /haman
  10. Copy single file...

  11. Hi AH! your quote: "so, hotkeys like Shift/Alt-F6, Alt-I or Ctrl-L, Alt-R or Ctrl-R will not exist anymore soon" which one you want to keep? ;) Ctrl+L and Ctrl+R are more standard. I vote for them. /haman
  12. Search (in editor/viewer)

    HI all, 0. thanks for revealing me the "autodetect scope" option. there are plenty of options I don't know of ;) 1. I vote for this modifed option: If "autodetect scope" is set, set origin to "entire scope" when block is selected and only when cursor is OUT of block! this would satisfy potential users (do they even exist?) which needs to use "AutoScope=ON"+"selected block"+"from cursor" combination. If they need to search From Cursor they logically need to go with cursor into block somewhere. 2. AH: Persistant blocks Off - why this option even exists? I NEVER used it. someone please explain me the real usage of this option. Someone, who searches in Block and From Cursor , he can't have Persistant block set OFF !! . so, we don't need to consider Persistant blocks in this issue. or am I mistaken? 3. AH, no don't ignore, let the option be there and working, because someone will start complaing in the future ;) /haman
  13. Dandv, from where you get beta 6292 ? you are too much ahead :) /haman
  14. dandv, you are psycho :) confirmed on XP. NDN beta v2.15.5814. thanks for nice song ;) AH: I whish you good luck debugging this. /haman
  15. Auto wrap opinions wanted

    HI all, there is similar Wish topic about this: http://forums.muxe.com/index.php?showtopic=550 . dandv: about Shift+Ctrl+left/rightArrow (and Ctrl+left/rightArrow), it should stop after serie consisting only of {[a-z],[A-Z],[0-9],_} characters. maybe user could define which he wants (cfg or option) AH: I don't use auto wrap for editing, but dandv and Basil/2 (and maybe others) are talking about keeping CR/LFs untouched. I suggest to make this as an option (milions of options ;) : AutoReformat On/OFF in Editor/Options. AutoReformat ON - as now. after Save, CR/LFs on all lines are saved. AutoReformat OFF should keep the CR/LFs from file, but the user should be able to Add or Delete CR/LFs somehow: to Add CR/LF - Shift+Enter (does this combination something else than simple Enter?) to Remove CR/LF - Shift+Backspace on the start of line (does this combination something else than simple Backspace?) and the CR/LFs should be somehow highlighted/marked to differ them from wrapped virtual CR/LFs. -- and i vote for wrapping only on space. if user needs different approach, he should consider serious text editor. /haman