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New Release: 2.31.2699

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Hi everyone!


First of all (for those who are concerned):

I wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2009!

Thank you all for your support and let's hope for good progress in 2009. :)


As you can tell from the release version there's nothing big in this release.

Additionally, I will be on holidays and away from any computer for the next 2 weeks.

So don't expect too much for the next release in 1 month. :)


Btw, thanks to Igor Kozin, I found that the PayPal donate button was gone. :P

I have readded it to the menu sidebar on the left side of the homepage!



Sorry mate, I once again was not able to add your code.

This will be the first thing I do when working on the next version!!!



─════┤ v2.31.2699 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 03.01.09 ├═══════════════════════════─
[-] Block sort including the last line added a new line to the EOF [NC] (Slavik)
     -> micro_4.EdSortBlock(): not really a bug but an algorithm problem;
        lines are now directly accessed without deleting them from the file and
        reinsertion, which should be a little faster also
[+] Block sort now also accepts horiz. blocks
     -> micro_4.EdSortBlock() now handles horizontal blocks
[*] DeleteLine [CTRL-Y] didn't remove the last line but cleared it
     -> micro_1.EdDeleteLine() now handles the last line of file like all other lines
[+] click on line number marks the line
     -> modified micro_3.EdHandleMouse()

[*] collect.TCollection.AtDelete() returns the deleted item pointer
[*] replaced ForEach() usage with (First|Last)That() for a performance improvement
     on certain commands in: dnapp.(GlobalMessage|GlobalEvent|ViewPresent)()

[*] Event drivers.evMouseUp returns the last pressed buttons
     -> modified drivers.GetKeyMouseEvent()

[-] FTP: no reread of FTP servers in drive:dir root path (C:/...) [A]
     -> fileio.RemovePathSep() didn't remove / of paths <= 3;
        added fileio.RemovePathSepX() which contains linux and windows
        code, switchable by a input variable
[-] TEMP: drive did not reread [A]
     -> added vfs_find.pas.TTempDrive.Contains()

[-] UUEncoder: always mime output generated (Rugxulo) [A]
     -> uucode.UuEncode().DoIt() contained debug code, which always forced
        MIME output
[-] Changing drive via driveline/mouse, modified the current panel even if
     now drive/dir change took place (Slavik) [A]
     -> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._ChangeDrv() checks for a
        directory change before making any changes
[-] Drive selection [ALT-F1/F2]: right side, reread, dialog moves to the left [A]
     -> filescol.SelectDrive() didn't preserve the X and Y input values for reread
[+] Show user screen with mouse (Eugeniusz Kosek):
     left click on position 0:0 on screen shows the user screen [ESC]
     -> modified dnapp.TProgram.GetEvent() to send [ALT-F5] on LMB
[-] Maximized panels allowed hide/show of inactive panel (Goplat) [NC]
     -> dblwnd.TDoubleWindow.HandleCommand() checks for maximized windows before
        changing the inactive window
[-] Bad display of column titles if the length of the title is smaller or equal
     to the width of the column (Goplat) [NC]
     -> stringsx.CenterStr1() always expected the string to be inserted < than
        the string to be inserted into
     -> vfs_driv.TDrive.MakeTop() didn't handle column sizes of 1 correctly

[*] DELETE: now also directories are unselected when deleted
     -> improved eraser.EraseFiles() root erase code
[-] COPY/MOVE: Display correct language in window title (Garl) [A]
     -> modified FilesCopy().MakeDirectories().CopyF()
[-] DELETE: * ignore directory deletion errors (continue button) [NC]
             * better error feedback
     -> added eraser.EraseFiles().HandleSysError(), which uses
        drivers5.SystemError() (has ignore and retry buttons) and is now also
        used for directories
     -> fixed drivers5.SystemError(): ignoring all errors, and then selecting
        retry on a later error ignore the retry selection
     -> improved drivers5.SystemError(): uses OS resources for error display,
        added commands.ossaNewSysErrors and
        Options.Configuration.System Setup.New System Errors (now default),
        possible to show lower window to check what caused the error
        Screen grabber (ALT-SHIFT-INS)
     -> added System error help (hcSysErrors),
        dnutil.TDnApplication.HandleCommand().cmHelp can also take help contexts
        via the Message() command
     -> LNX: added libc.strerror() usage to the VP RTL (OS_SYS_ERRORS)

[-] RAR: correctly show large (>2GB) files inside archive [DNC]
     -> improved naming of several RAR data defined in NDN according to the
        latest unrar C source 3.80.0 / 16.09.2008
     -> archiver.TFInfo.(P|U)Size was extended to 64-bit, handled in
        vfs_arcv.TArcDrive.ReadArchive() and vfs_find.FindFiles()
     -> arc_rar.TRARArchive.GetFile() now correctly handles the optional size
        data before the filenames
[-] extracting multiple files with "" didn't work [A]
     -> archiver.UnarchiveFiles() now handles ""


Homepage: http://ndn.muxe.com/

Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/


Have fun,

Stefan / AH

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