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  1. New Release: 2.31.2699

    When Russian language is selected, really don't work clipboard actions, CTRL+C, CTRL+V =((( On Vista SP1.
  2. Bug with editor's settings

    Hi. I found bug in 2.15.7883 (win32). After save editor settings (options), downt work viewer =) Sorry, but i dont understand, what is it, i go to "Options" -> "Configuration" -> "Editor Setup" and then press "Ok". Viewer at text files show empty window.
  3. FTP-manager

    COOL! unfortunately can't to hide password, but it not critical.
  4. FTP-manager

    sorry, but i didn't found this function at last beta. where i can search it?
  5. FTP-manager

    When we will be to get subj in NDN? Fu...ng FAR always haves it feature =(
  6. Bug with undo in editor

    ok! thanks, i was look this in in very old version, and when dowloaded last version, i think that its not normal =)))
  7. Bug with undo in editor

    i hope to say about old bug (in all build, i think) with undo after save file in editor. i set "clear undo after save" to off. when i save file (F2) and make undo, and than save too, last change has been not saved, if i will not write anything. to example. i write to file "Hi All!". No! I like "Hi World!" Change it (i see "Hi World!") and save file. No, its bad =( I make undo and see "Hi All!" again. Save. Exit. Edit this file again and see "Hi World!" =((( Last change not applyed =( Is possible to fix it?
  8. Unicode in Editor & Viewer

    i know about unicode (UTF-8) very small, but know that it contain of two bytes, where first is a codepage, second - char. to expl, look, chars in russian windows 1251 91,ae,e5,e0,a0,ad,a8,e2,ec (hex) in unicode are looking as 90,d1,90,fe,91,b5,91,b0,90,df,90,fd,90,f1,91,b2,91,bc look more info at http://www.unicode.org/ --- good look! we trust you =)
  9. Unicode in Editor & Viewer

    oh! can you to make partially, expl to view/edit only visible symbols. sorry, i don't understant about all unicode specification, i can wrong, but if this possible in limited edition, it is necessary!!! if nothing else for russian unicode page. more text files are in unicode now =(
  10. Realy need more times work with unicode encoding. Unfortunately for it must use fu...ing notepad =((( Is possible to add this feature?
  11. Hi everyone, best ragards to Stefan for do continuation work on this nice project... 2.15 is really stable version, i think... Can i make question? How i can use in NDN zip-archives, if nothing else can unziping it... Where, i can download last version of pkunzip, where default NDN's keys-config is it (i shall dont change keys top pkunzip)?
  12. new beta. 2.14.9914

    On start wrote: Exception 0D8h at address 00413974 in E:\NDN\SOURCE\views.pas Line 1388 Access violation On Win32 version =((((
  13. Bug with columns type

    Bug report: I use columns type named "N" (only name displaing). When I want to use file search (ALT+F7), what have other columns type, and, after searchin down Enter button, what give Me folder, where founded file exist, I see, what columns type not chang to default (in my exapmle is "N") and is, what I have in file search. And I need allways to switch it from menu...
  14. bug with last ALT-test

    all work =)
  15. if i copy from NDN russian text block to expl MS Word, i get dont readly symbols... : expl text (normal): Ãèçíåñ è ýêîíîìèêà Ôèíà íñû, Ãåäâèæèìîñòü, Ñòðîèòåëüñòâî, Òðà íñïîðò, Ãðîèçâîäñòâî change to: Áèçíåñ è ýêîíîìèêà Ôèíàíñû, Íåäâèæèìîñòü, Ñòðîèòåëüñòâî, Òðàíñïîðò, Ïðîèçâîäñòâî if i copy russian text block from expl MS Word to NDN is all ok! with using FAR all ok! Tested on winXP