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My comments for NDN

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[bug / Not work]

- in Editor Misc- Uppercase/Lowercase not use settings from "UpCaseTbl"

- DataBase Viewer can't view *.dbf with symbol filed long more 255 chars (DN OSP can)

- Viewer - general algorithm bug - viewer test file for it is archive, but not read it only ONE to

memory buffer and test this buffer, but more and more read it and test. So if file is on

network NDN (DN OSP too) read megabytes for file size 1 kilobytes (same seconds wait

for display)



- in DataBase Viewer display on border type and size current filed (like in DN OSP)

- in DataBase Viewer if symbol field long than wide of window if I press F3 this field

displayed in new window (like field MEMO)


Adam Lubszczyk


Sorry my english.

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Thanks for the post in english, so i can reply to it!


i added everything to my todo list and will work on each problem when i can (the list is big ;)


the archives need a complete rework anyway, so, the problem you wrote me will be fixed (i hope soon, but theres a lot of other stuff to do as well)


thank you again



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