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  1. [wish] Search And Delete Line.

    Hi! I have an idea for a new feature for the editor NDN. To menu "Search" add function "Delete line..." This feature would operate similarly to the "Replace..." but when it finds the search text (or will not find - as an option) delete the whole line. Of course, finding it should be possible by means of regular expressions. Example: I want to delete all lines NOT starting with the words: FUNCTION or PROCEDURE I set: Text to find: $[ \t]*(FUNCTION|PROCEDURE) Options: [x] Delete when NOT FOUND , [x] Regular expression And press key "Delete all" Adam
  2. Hi! I get sam bug (new feature?) in NDN (DPMI32 v2.31.5309) 1. Alt+7 "Find files" -> get panel FIND with list of files. When delete same file, list not refresh, still include deleted file 2. DBFView. When set in options->configuration->country support => date format to "year-month-day" fields with date is wrong dispaly. 3. Why when to select files press INS key and hold down, not repetition key ? To select more files must press and release key. Adam
  3. [bug] Dbf Viewer.

    Hi! Same bug in DBF viewer: 1. If field is type INTEGER (FoxPro), NDN bad decode/dispaly value (wrong bytes order, low byte is first not last) 2. Find (F7) with set scope "All fields" not work and wish :rolleyes: when I show structure of DBF (F2) I want to search (like F7) field by name, and after Enter (or other key) back to view data and set cursor positon to selected field name Adam Lubszczyk
  4. [bug] Ndn 2.30.6778 Dbf Viewer

    Hi! OK. But NDN after it hang.
  5. Ndn 2.30.6778 Dbfviewer

    Hi! 1. DBFViewer F4 - edit field Why You cut prefixed spaces ? field: " A B C " -> in edit box: "A B C" ( MUST BE: " A B C" ) !!! This disqualification NDN 2.30.6778 for me !!! 2. My wish. In DBFViewer current filed in header is identify by "><" ( >name_field< ), it is ... (difficult read name field : NAME1 NAME2>NAME3<NAME4 NAME5 ). May You change this to change colour of field name or ... off this feature Adam
  6. [bug] Ndn 2.30.6778 Dbf Viewer

    Hi! Same database/clipper file: "abc.dbf" F3 View -> OK Rename "abc.dbf" to "abc.db" F3 View -> show warning message "Table is Encrypted !", click OK , and NDN hang. Adam
  7. New Release: 2.30.6778

    Hi! Very thanks for new features in DBF Viewer XLT, F3 on field and more but... You add delete record by press simply DELETE key. In my opinion it is danger. DELETE key is near HOME,END, INSERT,PGUP,PGDN keys. I use DBF Viewer usualy for speedy view and search in dbf files and may press by accident DELETE key. May I switch off this feature in config, or change to Shif+DELETE/Ctrl+DELETE (more ergonomic as Ctrl+D) ? Adam
  8. Small wish for DBFViewer

    Hi! Testing. - F3 on any type field is VERY GOOD :) - Delete key for delete. DBFView from NDN I usualy use for view quick more files. Simple key "Delete" in my opinion is danger ( near other key: HOME, END, INSERT) I prefer change this to Shift+Delete or Ctrl+Delete (more ergonomic like Ctrl+D ;-) - I do not use Paradox so I not tested. Next wish :) - XLT translate in DBFViewer Sorry my english. Adam Lubszczyk
  9. Hi! In Editor (Viewer also) on key F8 is "Encode" between DOS, WIN and KOI. What it doing ? Translate only chars (how?) on screen but not keyboard. Whera I can define this translations ? Adam Lubszczyk PS In Viewer I always use XLT encode defined myself.
  10. Alternate ALT keys

    Hi! I tested ... (numbers is keycode,scancode,charcode) Sample Polish "e" with "ogonek" CapsLosk OFF LAlt + e --> 69,18,101 - OK "File attributes" LAlt + shift + e --> 69,18,69 - OK "File attributes" RAlt + e --> 69,18,169 - OK "ę" RAlt + shift +e --> 69,18,168 - OK "Ę" CapsLosk ON LAlt + e --> 69,18,69 - OK "File attributes" LAlt + shift + e --> 69,18,101 - OK "File attributes" RAlt + e --> 69,18,168 - OK "Ę" RAlt + shift +e --> 69,18,169 - OK "ę" Polish "ó" (with error) CapsLosk OFF LAlt + o --> 79,24,111 - OK menu "Options" LAlt + shift + o --> 79,24,79 - OK menu "Options" RAlt + o --> 79,24,162 - OK "ó" RAlt + shift +o --> 79,24,224 - ERROR menu "Options" (must be "Ó") CapsLosk ON LAlt + o --> 79,24,79 - OK menu "Options" LAlt + shift + o --> 79,24,111 - OK menu "Options" RAlt + o --> 79,24,224 - ERROR menu "Options" (must be "Ó") RAlt + shift +o --> 79,24,162 - OK "ó" Another Polish chars work OK And, same efect in Windows98 only in NDN ver W32 (not in D32) If CapsLock if OFF key ESC get codes: 27,1,27 but if CapsLock is ON key ESC get codes: 27,1,0 and escape not work. Adam Lubszczyk
  11. Alternate ALT keys

    Hi! I usualy work with D32 version on Win98 - keyboar work OK. Now I buy new computer with WinXP, so use W32 version of NDN. I testing... In D32 version keyboard work OK on Win98 and WinXP and I can use DOS TSR program to work with Polish old Mazovia codepage. In W32 version NDN TSR not work, keyborad work in CP852 codepage (In Microsoft Widows: windows applications use CP1250 codepage, but console application use CP852 codepage); alternate letf / right ALT work except: RightALT + Shift + "o" - open menu Options (must get Polish "Ó") ( RightALT + "o" - work OK get Polish "ó" ) My question. What is option "KbdXLAT" in NDN.INI ? Adam Lubszczyk
  12. Hi! I often in my work use DBF files. May You expand DBFViewer for small my wish. If field is type "symbol" key F3 also view it like memo field in new window, where I can set wrap mode, and see all content long symbol field. Adam Lubszczyk
  13. Hi! I am Polish, and I use for Polish chars keyborad keys: RightALT + letter - for lower chars RightALT + Shift + letter - for upper chars If use RightALT +Shift + "o" - (for Polish upper "Ó" ) is open menu "Options". Where is switch to difference ALT keys (LeftALT to menu, RightALT for user national chars) I can't find it :-( Adam Lubszczyk
  14. HI! Testing... Now TOUPPER / TOLOWER work OK. Use only NDN.INI setting. Very thanks. Adam Lubszczyk
  15. Download rar - OK. Testing. TOUPPER work OK. TOLOWER for defined chars in INI work OK but change another chars, (first change group chars (shift it left) and next work with defined chars) You may test it. Make in Your NDN.INI "UpCaseTbl" to next 128 chars (upper=lower). In editor make line with all 128 to 255 chars. TOUPPER and TOLOWER must not change this line. TOUPPER work OK , TOLOWER work not OK. Adam Lubszczyk