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Alternate ALT keys

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Adam_L    0



I am Polish, and I use for Polish chars keyborad keys:

RightALT + letter - for lower chars

RightALT + Shift + letter - for upper chars


If use RightALT +Shift + "o" - (for Polish upper "Ó" ) is open menu "Options".


Where is switch to difference ALT keys (LeftALT to menu, RightALT for user national chars)

I can't find it :-(



Adam Lubszczyk

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Hello Adam!


Are you talking about the W32 version?

or D32?


The difference in left/right Alt is not handled by NDN, but the system keyboard driver.

The german keyboard also has special AltGr/right Alt chars, which work for me.


If you are using DOS:

Is it possible for you to make a floppy boot disk which contains programs to start a simple DOS and the polish keyboard setup?


if Windows:

what codepage is polish?

how can i try the polish keyboard setup in windows?


Stefan / AH

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Adam_L    0



I usualy work with D32 version on Win98 - keyboar work OK.


Now I buy new computer with WinXP, so use W32 version of NDN.


I testing...


In D32 version keyboard work OK on Win98 and WinXP and I can use DOS TSR program

to work with Polish old Mazovia codepage.


In W32 version NDN TSR not work, keyborad work in CP852 codepage

(In Microsoft Widows: windows applications use CP1250 codepage, but console application

use CP852 codepage);

alternate letf / right ALT work except: RightALT + Shift + "o" - open menu Options (must get Polish "Ó")

( RightALT + "o" - work OK get Polish "ó" )



My question.

What is option "KbdXLAT" in NDN.INI ?


Adam Lubszczyk

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Hi Adam!




You know what? I have never looked at it ever...


It is used in a Hotkey() lookup function, where it works as the XLAT code in the internal VIEWER.

But it only is used in the dialog code (labels, buttons, boxes).


Still, this should be in the help and the country setup.


About your O problem:

i have an idea what could be wrong.

here is (yet) another test version for you, it's W32 and it will print the keycode, scancode and charcode of each pressed key.

can you give me the values of the o,alt-o,alt-shift-o key combinations?

maybe it helps me identifying th problem (there should be a charcode returned when you press alt-shift-o...)




thanks again

Stefan / AH

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Adam_L    0



I tested ... (numbers is keycode,scancode,charcode)


Sample Polish "e" with "ogonek"

CapsLosk OFF

LAlt + e --> 69,18,101 - OK "File attributes"

LAlt + shift + e --> 69,18,69 - OK "File attributes"

RAlt + e --> 69,18,169 - OK "ę"

RAlt + shift +e --> 69,18,168 - OK "Ę"

CapsLosk ON

LAlt + e --> 69,18,69 - OK "File attributes"

LAlt + shift + e --> 69,18,101 - OK "File attributes"

RAlt + e --> 69,18,168 - OK "Ę"

RAlt + shift +e --> 69,18,169 - OK "ę"


Polish "ó" (with error)

CapsLosk OFF

LAlt + o --> 79,24,111 - OK menu "Options"

LAlt + shift + o --> 79,24,79 - OK menu "Options"

RAlt + o --> 79,24,162 - OK "ó"

RAlt + shift +o --> 79,24,224 - ERROR menu "Options" (must be "Ó")

CapsLosk ON

LAlt + o --> 79,24,79 - OK menu "Options"

LAlt + shift + o --> 79,24,111 - OK menu "Options"

RAlt + o --> 79,24,224 - ERROR menu "Options" (must be "Ó")

RAlt + shift +o --> 79,24,162 - OK "ó"



Another Polish chars work OK



And, same efect in Windows98 only in NDN ver W32 (not in D32)

If CapsLock if OFF

key ESC get codes: 27,1,27

but if CapsLock is ON

key ESC get codes: 27,1,0

and escape not work.


Adam Lubszczyk

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