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Left pannel -descr (ctrl-k)

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Garl    0

win32 last beta + WinXp Prof Sp2 Rus


i work with descriptions of .mp3 files left panel is ctrl-K (descr)


how to repeat

1 make active left panel

2 make descriptions

3 set active right pannel (with lfn)

4 make durectory on rigth panel (with lfn )

5 press "Tab" (make ative left pannel



╔═════════════ Fatal Error ══════════════╗

║ ║

║ Exception 0D8h at address 0fc191f2 ║

║ in ? ║

║ Line 0 ║

║ Access violation ║

║ Please report to author: ║

║ email: ho1459@bnhof.de ║

║ ║

╚══════[ Press a key to exit now ]═══════╝


this is 9 time when i see this red error today

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