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Wish: zoom of history list

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Garl    0

hallow everybody!


i have win32 version and screen size 160 x 81 and more ... up to (213 x 108)


BUT (Directories History),( File Edit History ),( File View History ) have only 11 lines and when i want to find some line i must use scroll all of 100 lines ... it is a lot of time

maybe make zoom this window size automaticly and set 80..90% of current screen resolution?


and set hotkey to go to next marked history line ...


AH: it is possible?

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hi garl


everything is possible :)


but, i don't know how much work/modification to the TV RTL would be needed to do this


and there are more important things i have to do


i'll put it to the list


Stefan / AH

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