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Don't abort on read errors, SKIP!

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dandv    0

When NDN copies a whole directory and one file happens to not be readable (assume the most fatal hardware error, like unplugging the network cable or scratched CD), NDN will generate a <<"Hardware failure on drive X:" (12)>> message (which is wrong by itself if we were copying from a \\network\path, but that's another story).


What would be very useful is for NDN NOT to stop on such an error but offer the option to SKIP copying the file (and keep/delete the portion already copied to destination). Even more useful, this option should be settable in the copy dialog box, before the copying begins.


So, one wants to copy as much as possible from a damaged CD. They select all directories on the CD, press F5, select the option to "Skip unreadable files" and "Delete partial copies", and press Enter. After the copying is done, they can compare directories (with a Branch - Ctrl+H first) and re-attempt to copy the missing files.


What do you think?

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good idea (as always :P)

similiar thing is already on the list

(+ ignore all option? (syserrorfunc))


i will add the ideas of keeping/deleting partial files


i don't think it will be very easy to implement,

as the filecopy routines are complex, and i definetely don't want to screw them up :T


Stefan / AH

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BG101    0

This is a serious problem with Windows - once it hits a problem it aborts the whole process, and since files are not copied in any logical order (that I can think of anyway) you have to go through the whole process again, many times, until you can find which files are responsible.


Presently the only way round this is to copy files one at a time which is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

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