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  1. This is a serious problem with Windows - once it hits a problem it aborts the whole process, and since files are not copied in any logical order (that I can think of anyway) you have to go through the whole process again, many times, until you can find which files are responsible. Presently the only way round this is to copy files one at a time which is very inconvenient and time-consuming.
  2. UPDATE - Most functions seem to be working with the C55 (using S55 plugin) ! Software isn't 100% stable though - using Windows ME - sometimes it crashes & pops up loads of error messages. I'll provide full details for debugging purposes when I have time. Regards
  3. FLEX memory support for C55

    Is the C55 likely to be supported with the FLEXplorer? This would be useful since I can access it via the service menus but so far have not managed to get the PC to see it ! Regards BG
  4. I've had my C55 working with v3.0b - using the S55 plugin - I tried importing the plugins from v2.1 but none of these seem to work with either the C35i or C55. My "C55" is actually a re-flashed A55 - but this has (except for the external antenna) full C55 functionality, including Java, GPRS, WAV playback etc. & I have patched the FW (v18 - official firmware) to allow access to the hidden menus etc. I have so far failed to get ANY program to upload anything larger than 1Kb (ringtones) - this is annoying since the C55 doesn't support some of the WAP download formats that the A55 does. The block on data transfer via cable is supposedly patched but I have so far been unable to prove this. Seems to me that only small modifications to the plugin are needed to get full C55 support! P.S. Hope the serial number I've ordered works with v2.1 !! I'll use this until the plugins for v3 are available. Regards BG