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new RELEASE: 2.15.0000

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Merry Christmas everyone!


[!] MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! This will be the last release for some weeks,

because i'm once again busy with exams, but i'll be back ASAP...


[*] added XML to and extended VB in ndn.hgl

[-] dnutil.GetFromClip didn't check Clipboard data for Count = 0, f.ex. when

trying to Insert a copied #0 character (Vladimir Bochkarev) [NC]



[*] D32 improved drivers.int9ISR -> removed RTL kbd additions



[*] FileFind: RegEx search in filename mask was started but not finished;

a RegEx string must be started with '>', in LNX this is casesensitive

by default


[*] SortBy Packed Size and Ratio are only enabled in Archives/Arvid (Dandv)

[-] LNX PROC didn't show correct file information when possible


[-] W32 Copying files to "?:" always copied to "C:" (Basil/2) [V]



[*] Compare dirs doesnt store options (BMW) [DNOC]

[+] Alt-Left/Right: move through directory history (MiB, Mansoor)

-> histries.DirHistoryGetCur, flpanelx.kbAltLeft/Right

[+] DriveLine.DriveMenu: Right Mouse Button opens window (like Alt-F1),

where you can select new drive and get a selection of options for the

pressed drivetype: open/close for CD drives, change to, rename

-> fltools.cm_drivemenu

-> menu, ALT-CTRL-F1/F2, ALT+V depending on panel we are in

-> experimental Network code


[-] Search: Selected text, Entire Scope and non persistent blocks didn't

work together (UnMark was set to False too late) (Basil/2) [A]

[-] partially marked starting lines in replace were completely parsed and

replaced (Basil/2) [NC]

[+] toggle show line numbers with CTRL-F1


[-] Multilinestring > 0 crashed NDN (Dandv) [NC]

[-] bug in "last" open multilinecomment: lines until EOF not highlighted, if

last comment in NewHC is Open then the same occurs [A]


[*] speed in MultiLinecomment.NewLine in special cases (HTML files f.ex.,

where ending brackets and all other tags are '>') (Elfy) [NC]

[-] .pas "{..//..(*..}" -> // corrupted (* parsing [A]

[-] "{1}{2}{3}", non-multilinecomment: 2nd commentblock not highlighted [A]

[-] {..} with } only on one line at pos 0 was not highlighted [A]

[-] commenting '..'/".." with multilinestrings off didn't returned wrong

length [A]

[-] RegKeyWords didn't handle word boundaries correctly [NC]


[-] MultiLineStrings didn't work when MultiLineComments Off [NC]


[-] _SearchFor.RegEx: \s or . etc. were not found [N]

removed L < 32768 check (this also enables big buffer searches)


[+] MenuBox.Init: Size.X will also be set according to the headline size

[-] TInputLine.HandleEvent deleted selections before new data was verified



[-] crash on f3 after restart: header viewer didn't work correctly with

not fully loaded executables [A]

[+] added bookmarks on sidebar like editor (Necromancer)

-> modified microed.TBookmarkline for use in Viewer and Editor

-> Added Load/Store/WindowType to microed.TBookmarkLine

-> Added Load/Store/Intern to fviewer.TFileWindow






Stefan / AH

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one little note (besides the usual problems with my releases :P)


the LINUX executable is also compressed with UPX

but, it seems that it cannot find the resources because of that


if you want to use 2.15.0000 please unpack ./NDN with

UPX -D ./NDN and there should be no error anymore


or, wait for the next beta (very soon!)


Stefan / AH

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Elfy    0

Current ndn on diskette? Diskette? What is it? I saw it last time some years ago. Ok, maybe DPMI version can be UPX'ed, but win32? I think this is bad idea.

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