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Add *.mp3 Files To Winamp Playlist

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Minimus    0


I can make following actions in the Windows explorer:

- Select some .mp3 files.

- Then choose in context menu "Play in Winamp" or "Add in Winamp"


How add from NDN selected mp3 files in playlist from Users Menu?


More precisely: How to save in file "C:\Program files\Winamp\winamp.m3u" all names of selected files with full path from Users Menu ?




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Hello Minimus,


you can do this:


>1 Add and play in WINAMP

set TMPM3U=%TEMP%\winamp.m3u

type %1 > %TMPM3U%

D:\Programme\Winamp\winamp.exe /play %TMPM3U%


You probably need this:

Enable File manager setup -> !:!\!.! in Listfiles


Unfortunately Winamp doesn't understand "" filenames, therefore:

Disable LFN - Setup -> Put in listfiles


Stefan / AH

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