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Drive Changing Popup Doesn't Display The Path

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dandv    0

I've noticed a nice feature when changing the active drive via Ctrl+left/right arrow: a pop-up appears with some information about the upcoming drive:


  1. drive letter
  2. volume label
  3. drive letter again
  4. drive type


What is the difference between items 1 and 3? Item 3 looks like it could be the current directory on the drive, but it's always "X:", where X is the drive letter.

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Hi Dan,


I am glad that you like it. :P

The reason behind this is that when I was adopting the DN driveline feature to LINUX

I needed to show information on where the actual drive letter points to.


Right now that line doesn't make much sense for DOS/WINDOWS.


But imagine that this line would show the UNC path of the selected drive letter.

Or any other substitution for a drive letter.


So, sooner or later this field will show something useful.

For standard drives it could show the current path.


Have a nice weekend,

Stefan / AH

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