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How Can I Exclude A Directory From Find File?

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dandv    0

I often search for text in all files of a project that's under version control. In this situation it's very helpful to exclude directories like .git, .svn, .cvs from the search.


Is there a way to do that? I tried searching for "*;-.git", "*;-.git/", "*;-.git\", "*;-.git/*" but in all cases, the ".git" directory was included in the search as well.


PS: the help for Find File does not mention '-' for excluding results (I don't actually remember how I even found out about that feature). It also offers conflicting information about '<': the Find File help states that '<' is used to start a regexp file mask, while the help for "File Masks" says that '<' means "numeric character (0-9)"

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Hi Dan,


include and exclude masks do only check the actual file name.

I have added this to my todo list (I should rename it to BOOK...).


Thanks for the hint on the wildcard options.


Stefan / AH

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