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(un)select From A Find: Panel By Path

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dandv    0

Imagine you have a directory ROOT, with two subdirectories, OLD, and NEW. In each of those there are many other directories and files:


  +- interesting_file.txt
  +- interesting_file.txt


If you do a Find in ROOT for *.txt, you'll find files from both the OLD and the NEW directory. Is there a way to unselect, in the Find panel, the files from the OLD directory? I tried to unselect *\OLD\* but that didn't do anything.


It appears that in Find panels, the Select/Unselect operations don't apply to the path. Is there a way to make them process the path as well?

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Hi Dan.


The standard file (un)selection features don't work on directories at all

(I have just checked this).


What you actually want is to include the path name in the selection process.

And I have already found this on my todo list:

+ add 'include directories' to (un)select dialogs (anbrx)


So, I guess there's no problem to add options

'[x] Include directories'

'[x] Include path names'

to both of the selection dialogs.


We should also not limit ourselves to the FIND VFS only.


Does that sound ok?


Stefan / AH

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