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Upgrading Ndn - Is It Safe To Overwrite The Ini File?

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dandv    0

When upgrading from one NDN beta to a newer one, I copy my VWR, HGL, EXT and MNU files from the old NDN. Is it also safe to copy the INI file?


I'm asking because many fields in the INI have bitfield values, and I don't know if the order of the bits has remained the same from one version to the next, of if new toggle options occupy unused bits (if any). So "Options=1636832266" may be interpreted in different ways in version A than in version B.


Stefan, is this the case?




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Hi Dan.


As long as the first entry in the ini file





remains unchanged, there have been no vital changes in the ini files.


Of course, some options were moved or removed, but I don't think it will affect your installation.


I always upgrade my installation at work and at home by simply copying over the old installation

and I keep *all* configuration files.

I only copy ndn.exe, english.*/russian.* and the subdirectories, the rest remains.


So, there should be no problems for you either.


Good luck :),

Stefan / AH

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