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New Beta: 2.31.1909

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Hi everyone!


Just in time before october. Enjoy!


─════┤ v2.31.1909 DPMI32/WINDOWS/LINUX 27.09.08 ├═══════════════════════════─
[-] commented an unecessary instruction from system.ChkResult() [V] {C}
[+] added a 'doc\readme.1st' file with basic information
[*] added ctNoChange|ctCapitalizeFirstWord to stringsx.tCaseType and
[+] added mathx.divmod32()

[*] added new PCRE v7.7 {C}
     -> added PCRE version output if NDN is not started quietly to main.TellOS()
     -> added new PCRE77.LIB, sent updated files to PCRE Philip Hazel (PH)
     -> added PCRE.TXT to the DOC\ subdirectory and updated the PCRE online help
     -> added new options to the resources/help and
        Options.Configuration.Miscellaneous Setups.Regular Expressions
     -> D32: PE2LE requires the lib to be compiled with the -B (ASM compile) switch
        because of the unsupported _TEXT segment in the resulting NDN.EXE
[-] Replace: $' inserted one character too much [N]
     -> removed a bad "length+1" from pcregexp.TpcRegExp.GetPostSubStr()
[-] Replace: $` didn't add the first character [N]
     -> removed a bad "length-1" from and changed a pchar offset from 1 to 0
        in pcregexp.TpcRegExp.GetPreSubStr()
[+] Support for more RegEx replace options/operations
     -> modified pcregexp.TpcRegExp.GetReplStr()
     -> now handles: n = [0-9]   name = named subpattern
        * [\$][&`'+_]
        * [\$]n, \[UuLlFfIiTt](n| [{<'] n+ ['>}] ), [\$] [{<] n+ [>}],
          \gn+, \g [{<'] n+ [}>'], \k [{<'] n+ ['>}], (?P=n)
        * [\$] [{<] name [>}], \'name', \g [{<'] name [}>'], \k [{<'] name ['>}],
          \[UuLlFfIiTt] [{<'] name ['>}], (?P=name)
     -> modified pcregexp.TpcRegExp.MatchSub() to handle relative backrefs -n

[-] FTP: restoring to source dir didn't work with "C:/dir/" paths [A]
     -> corrected the path extraction in vfs_ftp.ParseFTPURL()
     -> changed directory appending in vfs_ftp.ftp_StoreFile()
[-] NETW: Kyrillic names are correctly displayed [A] {G}
     -> added keymap.(Ansi_Ascii|Ascii_Ansi)() usage to

[-] fixed "101o OR 1"/FLOOR bug [C] {C}
     -> modified calc.DoEval() "or" operation
[*] decimal and thousand separators weren't taken from country info [DNOC]
     -> moved the dialog data connection from calc.ConvertValueToString() to
     -> calc.ConvertValueToString() is now used in calc.TIndicator.Draw()
     -> modified calc.GetValue() so that calc.GetValue().Get(Hex|Bin|Oct)()
        now use calc.GetValue().GetValueBase(), as the code was identical
        except for the base for the data conversion
     -> added conversion options to commands: co(Dec|Hex|Bin|Oct|Exp|Sys)
     -> added calc.ConvertSeparators()
[-] character values didn't work with characters used in operations (+-*) [A]
     -> modified calc.DoEval() to preconvert these values in first run
     -> removed calc.GetValue().GetCh()

[+] window explode unit by Candyman {C}
     -> added vexplode to the source tree, with little modifications for NDN
     -> added new configuration combobox "Win Explode" to
        Options.Configuration.Interface (eg. ndn.dnr)
     -> added WindowExplodeDelay to startup.InterfaceData, which will be handled
        in dnini.Proceed()
     -> added views.gfExplode, modified views.TView.Hide(), TGroup.InsertBefore(),
        TWindow.Init(), dialogs.TDialog.Init(), menus.TMenuView.Init()

[-] "Goto file" by clicking right on the title frame didn't work anymore [A]
     -> dnapp.GlobalEvent() didn't fill in Event.Command
[+] added new filter for windows to german translation: WIN2GER.XLT

[-] crash on RMB press on border "═" on the current directory line [A] (nal49@mail.ru)
     -> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle().cmFindGotoFile didn't check for
        empty strings

[-] Smart histories: draw cursor on current position when openened [A]
     -> added dialogs.TInputLine.History, removed dialogs.THistory.InitNewHistory(),
        added dialogs.THistory.Awaken() and modified dialogs.TInputLine.SetState()

[-] crash when loading files created by "Visual FoxPro" [A] {G}
     -> default variables were not initialized in dbfview.TDBFile.Init()


Download: http://ndn.muxe.com/download/


All the best,

Stefan / AH

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