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Open Source NDN

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Although i like the idea of open source software we wont make NDN open source.


i don't see the way NDN would take if anyone could dl the source and do with it what he/she wants.


i also don't think NDN would have any advantages or better/faster development




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asz    0

- historically interesting

- can gaze in wonder

- can study it

- can port it to linux or windows (theoretically)

- can consider to contribute

- contributing to non Open Source projects is mostly wasted (even documentation or user to user help)

- if you like Open Source it's nice to show some support by releasing own software also as Open Source

- anyone who wants to redistribute it (for example the FreeDOS project could like to) can grab the binary / source and put it into their own releases without fighting with licence issues (important imho)

- no disadvantage?

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Hi asz!


It took me a while to find time to answer your post...


I agree on all your arguments except for the last 5.


Why is contribution to non open source projects (NOSP) (mostly) wasted (time?) ?

Is a bug report for an OSP better than for a NOSP?


I like the "idea" behind OS. More on this point in the last argument...


NDNs licence allows binary redistribution on free media.

Only on media to be sold I want to be asked at least.

The source code itself is a total different issue.

But, the source code goes to everyone who asks for it, after telling me his interests and goals.




Last argument, and most important: disadvantages

First of all, my views on OS are not as strict anymore, I discussed this with

Necromancer quite some time ago and he would provide me with a CVS/SVN server.


But I do have some concerns (disadvantages) that I want to express here:


- time to set up the whole OS project

My time is quite limited. I rather spend it all on NDN itself.

I don't know how long it will take me to complete an OS-NDN setup.


- time to maintain incoming contributions

Again, time! Right now I get source code by a very few people, which I test and verify before

it is actually included into the source code.

I fear that I will get a lot of patches (probably directly patched on the server)

and that I have to maintain the patches over the server, with a lot more overhead

that I do right now. Maybe I will get more patches, maybe a lot of "waste".

My own time to work on NDN will decrease...


- NDN branches

How can I keep people back from creating loads of new branches of NDN instead of

contributing to the main branch?

And again, adding more and more patches, with testing and so on.


- NDN stability

NDN is quite stable by now.

My biggest concern is losing the overview and ruining my past years of work.


Probably I am a bit overconcerned.


I am not saying NDN will never go OS anymore.

But at the moment, at least I, cannot put any effort into this.


Stefan / AH

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