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new release: 2.30.5713

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Hi *!


Again a delayed release, sorry.


I have compiled an OS2 version of NDN, but:

--- this is UNTESTED

It was simply compiled and packaged without any changes

for OS2. I would like to hear some test report if it works

and maybe what doesn't.

--- it is not really supported at the moment!

since i could not install OS2 on my system a few

months ago (no time to try this out at the moment)

i cannot test/fix anything right now.

Therefore this post just contains a link to the file.


And while I am on OS2:

does NDN - D32 work on OS2?

I would like to hear whether it is useful at all to continue work

on an OS2 version!


Btw, I must repeat an old but always up-to-date statement:

if you write me a bug report, always include the NDN VERSION,

the OPERATING SYSTEM and a DETAILED description of what

happened and how I can reproduce it.


I have to ask for these things over and over again and this is

time consuming and annoying.

When I get a bug report which saves me 1 hour of work on the

"how to reproduce" part of the bug fix I have more motivation

to actually fix it - other bugs may stay on the list for ages...



[-] D32 Mem-Info strings in list contained extra data at end (DevMCB) [A]

-> meminfo.TTextColl.AddStr() and FreeItem() handle the last 2 bytes

of the string so it will not be visible in the listbox

[+] added a DBG commandline option to quit NDN after 10s idle time

-> dnapp.TProgram.GetEvent() checks for /DBG_TIMEOUT (/DTO)

[+] NDN path macro like ! and $ -> # (naX)

-> completely rewrote usermenu.MakeString()

-> see updated online help

[*] merged startup.(TSysDialog|TSystemDialog), so changes have only to be

applied to startup.TSystemDialog and not to rcp|setups anymore

[+] W32 dnapp.TProgram.FullSpeed was unused, added usage of WINDOWS priorities

-> renamed dnapp.TProgram.(B|E)FSpeed() to (Begin|End)FullSpeed();

the option value to check is now provided to BeginFullSpeed() to use it


-> W32 sets NDN to lower priority if release slices are enabled

-> added commands.osaReleaseFTP,

Options.Configuration.Startup/Shutdown.Release while FTP comm.

-> added osaReleaseCopy|osaReleaseFTP slicing to vfs_ftp copy|comm. code

-> improved/fixed the

[-] FTP: CPU consumption is 99%! (Dandv)

[*] russian/english resource updates {G}

[+] added COBOL syntax highlight (Giuseppe Mancini)

[*] added *.ps to document file extensions

-> extended groupsfm.Maskg8

[*] LNX: added *.tcl to the extension file

[+] FAR Color palette {G}

[+] added int64.cmp64() to make comparisons based on 64-bit integers

[*] LFS: 2GB+ file support, only lower 2GB accessible:

-> fviewer: files can be loaded, edited;

user will be informed of too low memory;

was a simple operation exit previously);

set file size/fill/insert/remove data 2GB aware

-> microed2.EditorReadBlock() checks filesize and aborts with memory not

enough error

-> added help topic on 2/4GB files

[*] D32/W32 reenabled UPX compression in makefile (Rugxulo)

[*] VP with each RTL compile also the import libraries get compiled

-> added/improved the compile scripts in vp\lib.<target>\defs

-> added lib compile code to vp\source\rtl\_<target>.(bat|cmd|) scripts

[+] hgl tcl: added TK commands

[!] compiled OS/2 version - untested!

[+] OS2: added time slicing to dnos.TimeSlice()



[*] merged messages.MessageBox(2)Rect

[+] added objects.(Min|Max)Value() inline, since names Min/Max are used as

variable names in many places

[+] RMB on scrollbars to set absolute position

-> views.TScrollBar.HandleEvent()

[+] Automatic ~ ~ highlight selection for menu entries (context/user menus!)

without predefined hotkeys (untested with non ascii alphabets)

-> added menus.TMenuView.CheckHighlights() which processes all strings

in each menu at runtime, used in menus.TMenuView.Execute()

-> added views.TView.Highlight* to scan and change highlights in strings

-> added Options.Configuration.Interface.Auto shortcut highlight option


[*] [F4] opens/closes ComboBoxes (== Windows) (Garl)

-> TDialogs.TComboBox.HandleEvent()

[+] switch windows with any mouse button + scroll wheel

-> added drivers.mbAnyButton

-> main3.MyApp.GetEvent() handles evMouseWheel



[+] File.Encode.UUEncode/Decode: added MIME (Base64)

-> wrote assembler mime.CreateDecodeTable|EncodeBase64|DecodeBase64()

which support generic xxe/uue/base64-like algorithms

-> multiple files in one file can be decoded

-> created constants for UUDecode options

-> multiple file encoding (MIME/XX/U-Encode)

- flpanelx: merged cmUU(En|De)codeFile, CallUuCode() now used for


- modified uucode.UUEncode()

-> MIME encoding: added mime.MimeEncode()

-> UUEncode 'Encode to' string is now 255 bytes long

-> UUEncode options are now saved

[-] List files/file unmark didn't use panel sort order anymore (Garl) [A]

-> fltools.GetSelection() used Insert() instead of AtInsert() to insert

file records

[*] directory compare selected directories if not recursing (Necromancer)

-> no directory selection if not recursing

-> fltools.CM_CompareDirs().CmpFilesCols().Cmp0().Cmp1()

[-] QuickDir drive change from VFS to UNC didn't work [A] (Garl)

-> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._DoChange() didn't

correctly handle UNC drives

-> improved disk.TDriveInfo.IsValid()

[-] VFS -> DISK change via 'CD <path>' didn't work [A]

-> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._DoChangeDirectory() uses

_DoChange() in VFS

[-] [CTRL-HOME] didn't work correctly in UNC/FTP/ARC [A]

-> disk.TDriveInfo.GetDrive() didn't support UNC drives

-> improved vfs_drive.TDrive.ChangeRoot()

-> rewrote flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle()._CtrlHome()

-> LNX: added missing RemovePathSep() to sk.__CheckDirectory().ValidPath()

[-] 'CD <disk>' from empty panel called cmdline.TCommandLine.HandleEvent().kbEnter

(which didn't ClearEvent()), because

flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle().kbEnter ignored empty panels

-> TCommandLine now clears the Event

-> TFilePanelRoot always handles commandline

[+] W32 context menu in FIND/TEMP/PROC panels, but only on single files

-> flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle().cmOpenContextMenu



[*] NDN.EXT: *{ !.! } changed to !:!\!.!



[-] playing macros using WordStar hotkeys (like ^E) didn't force WordStar

behaviour -> search or clipboard operations if WordStar disabled [A]

-> added drivers3.ForceWordStarKeys

-> macro.TMacroString.ExecCommand() enables WordStarKeys

[+] optional start position for CommentStart command (Cobol, col 7)

(Giuseppe Mancini)

-> added highlite.THighliteParams.CommentStartPos



[+] '/NOMOUSE' commandline option

-> disables mouse detection in drivers.DetectMouse()



[*] code improvments to fviewer (see absolute position with RMB)

- TViewScroll.GetPartCode() now handles Value >= MaxV

- TViewScroll.Draw() uses TViewScroll.DrawPos()

- TFileViewer.SB was renamed to ScrollBar

- added TFileViewer.DrawScrollBar()

- TViewScroll now inherits from views.TScrollBar, removed TViewScroll

Value, MaxV, Load(), Store(), GetPalette(), GetSize(), DrawPos()

- renamed TViewScroll.GetPartCode() to GetPos(), thus removed

TViewScroll.DrawPos() and finally GetPos()

- changed privates of views.TScrollBar to protected



[*] click on horiz scrollbar only moved by one step

-> microed.TFileEditor.ScrollTo() now uses Size.X



[*] click on horiz scrollbar only moved by one step

-> spreadsh.TCalcView.Init now uses Size.X



[-] LNX: (Knoppix/LiveCD) cursor remained drawn on-screen after moving it

to another position

-> GPFault reported this as LINUX kernel bug



[+] !$# filename macros can be used

-> TCommandLine.FormatString() uses usermenu.MakeString()

-> added commands.oclEnableFilenameMacros,

Options.Configuration.Command Line.Enable filename macros

-> added usermenu.MakeStringPrepare() to duplicate used macro

characters, used in flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle().MakeFName()

-> modified flpanelx.TFilePanelRoot.CommandHandle().MakeFName() with

CmdLine boolean

[+] "Don't reset cmdline mode" option

-> commands.oclSaveCmdlineMode

-> cmdline.TCommandLine.FormatString()

[-] cmdline timer mode result was not correct [A]

-> final dnexec._ExecString() DDTimer handling was wrong

[-] 'ftp://' URLs were executed if didn't successfully connect [A]

-> vfs_driv.TDrive.HandleCmdLine() always returns success if a 'ftp://'

string was found



[-] MOVE/UNC: move from UNC didn't work (files were not deleted) [DN]

-> filecopy.FilesCopy().Cd_Drives was not set up correctly,

resulting in UNC drives being treated as CDROM;

now correctly set up in filecopy.FilesCopy().DoReset()

-> RO was always cleared from CDs



[-] entering known/detected archive and failed to read files executed

the file (or openend it for viewing) []

-> added boolean vfs_arcv.ArchiveDetected; used in vfs_arcv.ArcViewer()

to return success if an archive type was detected



[+] "turn off monitor" screen saver

LNX NOTE: this is AGAIN disabled, because, once again, it didn't work

correctly after hours of work and reading docs.

And, how to lock the workstation/PC in X?

I am REALLY getting tired of it...

-> added idlers.TMonitorSaver, powerman.pas

-> modified dnapp.TProgram.Insert(Av)Idler*() using new InsertIdlerGeneric(),


-> startup.SkyDelay=255 meant off before, changed this to startup.SkyDelay=0

-> W32: * added external for user32.LockWorkStation() and windows.Monitor_*


* lock only on w2k+, dynamic code

* vpsysw32.SysOsVersion() returns a static value, like SysPlatformId()

* added dnos.IsWinNT()

-> D32: lock only on w2k+; Monitor off only in DOS (APM)

-> LNX: * T: using IOCTLS (didn't work on my PC)

* X: using DBMS* X API (libXext.so.6)

-> via kbd returns immediately with an unblanked screen

-> NDN hangup or crash, depending on the used console

after DPMS calls or NDN exit

[-] possible screen saver on hour exit crash []

-> dnapp.ExecExit() called SSaver^.Free()

-> added (SSaver = nil) check in dnapp.TProgram.GetEvent(),

aptimer.InactivityExitTimeSeconds (timedate.SecondsInHour)


Stefan / AH





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Zaimskih    0

Don't work Ctrl+Q

Empty black panel is showing

Press Tab - content of file is visiable

Press Tab and select another file - Empty black panel is showing


NDN v2.30.5713/WIN32.

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