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Editor Encode DOS WIN KOI

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Adam_L    0



In Editor (Viewer also) on key F8 is "Encode" between DOS, WIN and KOI.


What it doing ?

Translate only chars (how?) on screen but not keyboard.

Whera I can define this translations ?



Adam Lubszczyk


In Viewer I always use XLT encode defined myself.

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This is built into NDN, and to be true, I never use it.

I don't even know if the conversion is correct (the WIN conversion definietely doesn't work correctly for me, it is probably baed on russian characters...).


It cannot be redefined (at the moment).

I will look and test if it can be made definable in the ini file/country setup.


Yes, only display seems to be translated (is this different in viewer?).


XLT support IS planned for the editor too.

In fact I just have ben tihnking about this recently.

Maybe it will be in the next release (at the moment i am going thru the todo list and try to do everything possible).


Best regards,

Stefan / AH

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