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Garl    0

RegKeywords Color Lightgreen \{[^\}\{]+\}


Garl :rolleyes:

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Garl    0

as variant 2


RegKeywords Color Lightgreen \{\$[^\}\{]+\}


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Quant    0

I have tried your colorization methods:






When "Del right spaces = ON" and "End trims right = ON"

1. First condition line is not colorized

2. Both {$ENDIF} conditions are not colorized


When I add space(s) to end of lines, all is ok...

Is this a bug ???

Any solution ???


Try this condition block and help me again please...



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Garl    0

FILES *.pas;

RegKeyWords Color LightCyan (0-9),

RegKeyWords Color Lightgreen [0-9]+h

RegKeyWords Color LightMagenta \'[^\']+\',\#[0-9]*

RegKeyWords Color yellow write(ln)?,random(ize)?,

RegKeyWords Color black ;

RegKeyWords Color White [^\x00-\x40]*\x28

RegKeywords Color Lightgreen \{\$[^\}\{]+\}


KeyWords COLOR Lightblue

KeyWords1 ioresult,halt,while,with,

KeyWords1 ,nosound,repeat,until,keypressed,readkey,

KeyWords1 PackTime,SetFTime,


KeyWords1 for,getintvec,paramcount,

KeyWords2 asm,begin,end,

KeyWords3 close,reset,rewrite,append,assign,showmessage,

KeyWords3 inc,dec,mod,div,paramstr,sizeof,textcolor,abs,chr,ord,

KeyWords3 FileSize,eof,INTTOSTR,strtoint,seek,Gettime,getdate

KeyWords3 str,read,readln,upcase,

KeyWords4 char,byte,boolean,string,word,record,longint,integer,array,pointer,registers,rea


KeyWords4 DateTime,

KeyWords4 TObject,TField,

KeyWords5 implementation,interface,type,program,uses,var,const,procedure,function,unit,

KeyWords6 true,false,then,else,if,idok,

KeyWords6 clear,do,of,case,

Keywords7 lines,sql,text,caption,items,AsString,filename

KeyWords8 and,not,or,Goto

; Comment (* *),{ }

CommentString //

MultilineComment 50

ColorKeyWords yes



if you disable Comment (* *),{ } then regkeywords highlite {$***} is work perfect..


have a nice day!

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