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Deletion of directory with long name

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GPFault    0

Hi! There is an error with deletion of directories with long names in NDN/W32. Unfortunately, I can`t say what is the first version where it appears, but it is some from last 0.75 year, maybe version where background deletion were introduced.


Steps to reproduce bug:

On LFN-only drive cretate a directory with long name like 12345678901234567890

Try to delete it - the following error occured

╔══════════ Erase ══════════╗       
║                               ║       
║     Erasing the directory     ║       
║         123456789012          ║       
║          subdirs: 1           ║       
║           files: 0            ║       
║            Total: 1           ║       
║                               ║       
║            Stop  ▄          ║       
║         ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀          ║       
╚════════════ 0 ════════════╝       
╔═[■]════════════ Error ═════════════════╗
║                                        ║
║     Could not delete the directory     ║
║             D:\123456789012            ║
║                                        ║
║                  OK  ▄               ║
║                 ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀               ║

Looks like name is truncated to 8.3

Note: this error occures only on NTFS drives with disabled short names, not in regular drives



Files with long names are deleted properly.

Subdirectories with long names are deleted properly too, for example:

I have folder d:\short\12345678901234567890

I go to d:\short\ , try to delete 12345678901234567890 - get error lioke above

I go to d:\ , try to delete short - it is deleted correctly



Version v2.30.3829/ENG

(25-12-2006) WIN32 (W9x/WinNT)

with all settings default


OS: Win2003 SP1

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was 12345678901234567890 the name you created?

and 123456789012 is used as displayed?


i uploaded a debug release: http://ndn.muxe.com/archives/ndn_w32_dbg.rar


3 message boxes will popup, please tell me their content

(i suspect the 3rd one to be SFN)


thank you


Stefan / AH

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