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    • Hi! Make screenshot with ctrl-B to show ascii table please
    • Guest Kae
      (oops, a preview bug lead to this, sorry)
    • Guest Kae
      I get it, no time limit, but look, it's 2020 and this is...
    • Hi everyone, Whatsnew:   new: some update in driveline info window information
        new: Detect name of image file at Virtual drive (img/vhd/iso/vhdx) in drive select menu
        new: Detect Hardlink names and swich between dialogs
        fix: FilePanel: now selected files count show on center of divider separator and shift left if not enouth space
        new: now NDN can make Hardlink and Symlink Alt-F6 -> [ Link ] ...
        fix: SYMLINK and JUNCTION show dialog  (Alt-F6) update
        fix: windows: FilePanel correct show junction with PrintNameLength=0
        new: archive: VHDX via 7z detection as VHD
        new: linux: detect file attributes 'P' Protect hierarchy
        new: archive: ISO+UDF Image detection support
        new: linux: JFS,UDF FileSystem and VolumeLabel detection
        new: option to disable execution of all files by Enter, which not executable and not listed in NDN.EXT (Win32/64)
        fix: Filter dialog resize (Alt-Del)
        fix: Archive list and Archive select dialog resize
        new: Color to ActiveAttributesFilter\NameFilter\Ratio(numbers+text) can be setup in Configuration -> colors
        fix: Viewer: find + replace fixed wrong position in text mode with EOL\TAB visible
        new: DirSize add new map like in SequoiaView
        new: add .RK archive support (high performance archiver (c) Malcolm Taylor)
        new: now password protected files in arhives show like encrypted (E)
        new: .AI Archive support (Ai Archiver (C) E.Ilya, MSU)
        fix: .AIN archive detection
        fix: Move file to folder have one character's name
        fix: .QRK archive v1.6 detection
        fix: pcre recompiled for i386 cpu (previous was for p6)
        new: add .LZO archive support (lzop v0.95  Copyright (C) Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer)
        fix: now NDN correct show folders and subfolders in .HPK archives
        fix: detect password portected .JAR archives
        new: show UFA\JAR\RAR5\ACE\HPK password protected files as hidden
        fix: TArcDrive.Store\Load miss prev variable (fix crash after extract\reload)
        new: MessageBox while read\detect encrypted archive (UHA\ZPQ\RAR\HPK\7Z)
        fix: some dialogs element update
        fix: .ACE archive detection fix
        new: linux: exFAT FileSystem and VolumeLabel detection
        fix: linux: Panel reread after exit from archive
        fix: DirSize x64 crash on files with size=0 fixed
        fix: Ctrl-Y inc ShowMode \ Alt-Y dec ShowMode
        fix: linux Alt-Shift-0 QuickDirChange menu fixed
        fix: Copy to clipboard correct copy selected block and LineBreaks
        fix: Copy text to clipboard (no add <CR><LF>)
        fix: Paste from clipboard correct paste <CR><LF>
        new: Align extensions on folders is hardcore disbaled
        fix: AutoRefresh Panel after erase dir\exec commandline\hide panels  work again (add Drive^.NotifyAdd; Drive^.NotifyDelete)
        fix: notifyd update (exec\erase\panel swi)
        fix: Paste text from windows clipboard with option [x] StrLen()
        fix: detection .jar archive (delete %tempfile% before read archive list)
        new: CalcHash add button to copy all Hashes to Clipboard
        fix: Ctrl-Shift-F1..F12 work again
        fix: DirSize: map on empty directory fixed, added Hotkeys on buttons
        fix: Panel Options (Alt+S) file attributes hotkey work normally
        fix: Compare directories dialog resized
        fix: Ctrl-Shift-Enter on FilePanel work again
        fix: NDN can show .rar5 and .zpaq additional file attributes (dwfileAttributes)
        fix: .tgz correct show names with russian character (codepage 1251)
        fix: .zpq .tar achives unicode filename support
        fix: TCheckedComboBox handle hotkeys only with Alt or active element
        new: archives : F4 on folder = extract, F4 on selected files\folders = extract, F4 on '..' = exract all (thx DRON)
        fix: now NDN can add files to .ZPAQ archive (Shift-F1) (thanks to WAJIM)
        fix: extract .HAP .CAB archive via Shift-F2 work again (thanks to WAJIM)
        fix: archive setup dialog parametrs resized up to 99 char, some optimisation (thanks to WAJIM)
        new: Highlite group list dialog update link to download  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_wEiYjzVkC0ZGtkbENENzF1Nms or  http://ndn.muxe.com/download/  
    • Guest DRON
      Это же просто OllyDbg. Там WMI должен быть: Win32_Process какой нибудь. Ну и как бы первая ссылка в гугле: Manage Processes on Remote Machine. Для задач типа "как оно вообще это делает" лучше подходят не отладчики, а API мониторы, а затем гугление вызываемых API.