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How can I launch NDN in a specific folder?

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dandv    0

Right now, I have a very handy command shell extension for folders. I go in Explorer to a folder, right click, and launch an instance of cmd.exe in that folder. Here's the .reg file that enables this:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell\Command Prompt]
@="Launch command prompt in this folder"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell\Command Prompt\command]
@="Cmd.exe /k pushd %L"


Now how can I do the same with NDN? I.e. launch NDN in a given folder?


I know that it could be done along the lines of:

1. Disable returning to saved directories at NDN startup

2. Call a batch file to CD to the desired directory, then run NDN


But what if NDN detected that the file passed in the command line was an existing directory, instead of a valid filename, and would just change to that directory, instead of attempting to edit, for example, "C:\WINNT" when I say "NDN /quiet C:\WINNT\"?

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dandv    0
Hi dan!


although i will never use it it sounds like a nice idea


Stefan / AH


I will never use it myself, either, but it will help Explorer fans who, from time to time, realize that they need NDN. This happens at my workplace, for example, where I constantly help a colleague who wouldn't use NDN to save his life, although he agrees NDN is a very powerful tool. So I come to his desk and I ask him to launch NDN, navigate to the folder in question and operate on some files, using the command line etc. Now if NDN would pop-up in that folder, the guy would be less reluctant to use it.


The same happened with "Launch command prompt here". Until I imported that .reg file on his system, he went to Start->Run, cmd, typed the drive letter, then "CD ", then pasted the path he copied from Explorer.


Now, he ends up in the desired folder directly.

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