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need some features for editor

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zakker    0

Respect developers!


Please implement some features in editor:


1. Ctrl+Z - undo. Ctrl+Y - redo i lost my habit to use alt+BS :(

2. Ctrl+W - select whole word under cursor. Very usefull.

3. Tab and Shift+Tab shift whole block if selected (see ms developer studio)

4. Replace selected text with new typing or inserting one. (standart behaviour of ms word for example)

5. 'Del' should erase selected text (like shift+del, but dont touch clipboard)

6. 'Home' should move cursor to first non-space symbol in line. If cursor alredy at first non-space symbol, 'Home' should move cursor to begin of line. (see ms developer studio)

7. alt+left_mouse_button+move mouse - select with vertical block

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Hi zakker!


if i mention options, you should look in the menu OPTIONS.CONFIGURATION.EDITOR SETUP for them, ok?


1. the problem is that these keys are already used

and at the moment there's no possibility for users to change that

i can either make an option for these keys (like clipboard keys) or

you can download http://ndn.muxe.com/fclick/fclick.php?ad=17

and change edcom.dnr yourself to support the keys you want


btw, ALT-BS is also quite common in the windows world :)


2. see above, it is already used

but, you can use CTRL+K O or CTRL+Q O to do that

also look at CTRL-INS and SHIFT-INS


3. option: [TAB] block move



also enable Dual [ALT+<>], so you can move blocks with ALT+CURSOR KEYS

if you use this with shift it works like TAB/SHIFT-TAB


4. disable Persist. Blocks and enable Overwrite Blocks

(russians love these options :)


5. see 4.


6. enable Smart [HOME]

NDN will select the start of line or the beginning of text each time you hit HOME again


7. good idea, i will add this to the todo list

i think ALT should toggle the current block mode to the opposite one


thank you

Stefan / AH

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zakker    0

Mega thanks!


I have patched "edcom.dnr" and it's work! Thats all I need :P


some words about "Smart [HOME]": IMHO it should first move cursor to first non space character, then (on second [HOME] hit) move cursor to 0 position

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