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Guest frantisek

Launching associated programs

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Guest frantisek   
Guest frantisek



when I launch a file in NDN by executing it (e.g. TIF or DOC), NDN doesn't return back but shows the result of the cmd interpreter until I close the launched software.


Maybe it's intended, but it's slowing things down a lot. Using { start "!.!" } in EXT file doesn't work for me...


Any workaround, or is it a bug?






// Sorry, I found the working solution. It was in a another post here but in Russian, so I had to fire up my memory of Cyrrilic, after a while I remembered, translated and used the solution there. the EXT file syntax is this:



start "" "!:!\!.!"



but why the additional quotes? I guess it's an issue with the win commandline interpreter :(

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dandv    0

The first set of quotes is mandatory and it specifies the string to be displayed in the title bar of the CMD window, i.e. an empty string.


Here is my entry:

avi,mpg,mpe,mpeg,wma,mpa,asf,mov,wmv,m1v,wmv,mp3,ac3,wav,mid { start "" "!:!\!.!" }

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