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Editor/viewer Crash & Histories

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Hi *!


A user wrote me an email yesterday with a crash concerning the editor/viewer

opening files, with an exception message similar to:


... in file histries.pas, line 135 ...


Unfortnuately I lost the email (am setting up Vista...) and I thought I should

answer here, maybe he reads it:


I had no problem with the sample file you sent me. I think that there's some

problem with your history files. I suggest you to delete the histories and then

try again. If the problem continues, please write again.



Stefan / AH

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Rurik    0

Thank you very much, Stefan!

After I delete hst file, editor and viewer work fine ! NDN now is my default file manager instead of FAR!

But some things annoy me a little.

first - Ctrl+e doesnt show prevoius command in commnand line

second - scaanning all computers in our not small network takes VERY much time. Why not to show only computer list instead ?


Best regards !

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Hello Rurik,


I am glad you read this.


To your questions:


a) You must enable the "Wordstar" keys to use CTRL-E in the commandline:

Options.Configuration.Misc Options.KEyboard Setup.[X] Use Wordstar diamond

I added this to give the user the choice of Windows compatible hotkeys and the "old"

Wordstar hotkeys. Unfortunately they overlap and are not compatible.


B) I know, the network VFS was a quick hack for Necromancer. I have this issue on my

todo list already:

* NETW: improved network VFS

* NETW: option screen on what to scan


Thanks for your support,

Stefan / AH

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