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Guest cray

linux ndn have some errors

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Guest cray   
Guest cray

hello I'm a large friend of the NDN, I uses DN since 1996 - 2000

then i moved to linux and work with md - midnight commander

in year 2000 i've contact a ndn coder and asked when ndn ported to

linux. 2000 i've supported a german ndn website "dn.rootaccess.de"...

today after 4 years i've found the linux version, and try at this time but

does not work


1. i extract rar archive with unrar under windows (dosen't work unp (linux unpak)

2. i change file permissions "chmod 700 ndn"

3. i start ./ndn

4. ndn starts... but with some moved tables


i' used putty ssh connection to a debian server...


my screenshot



i need help, can anyone help me?

thx robert tulke rt@debianer.org

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Hello Robert!


you must have a screen setup of 80x25 like the DOS/WINDOWS standard


i have to fix this issue, but at the moment i dont have the time for it.

later NDN will set the screenmode on linux like it does in DOS/WIN


btw, even if you get this version to start correctly,

it will be hard to use, because it has some serious problems


i will release a new version this weekend which will work much better

in linux, so you can actually work with it like in DOS/WIN

(there are a lot of problems, but it works....)


just try the current linux version in 80x25, and compare it to the next

release and you will see...



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Guest BlackCat   
Guest BlackCat

Hy! I'm very glad to see that ndn development restarted, I've looked it at 2002 ad saw that all is dead. Now it's a great surprise. I like NDN much.

But the linux port has some major problems. If u see the screenshots, you will see.

I use debian linux, kernel 2.4.26.

I simply want ndn get started, but I get this error (I do nothing, simply start ndn on a remote box):


Also, I got this error message:


ÄÄÄ-< 1-06-04 17:12:44>

VER :Necromancer's Dos Navigator LINUX mode

ADD :v2.14.5055 (07-05-2004)

ERR :CAh (202)


MSG :Stack overflow error

OSD :32

SYS :Linux


CS :0023

DS :002B

SS :002B

SP :7018



= File Disk Utilities History Panel Manager Options Window

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Guest pepar   
Guest pepar

It's great to see the project is alive again. :D

Especially the linux port.

(N)DN's functionality often is (or at least could be) far superior to MC. Linux REALLY needs NDN (with Orthodox File Manager key/shortcut compatibility). :ph34r:


Are you doing this alone? Is this an open source project? Is anyone else helping? Do you need ... Where is this going? :unsure:



Thanks for your time and effort.


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thanks for your post


at the moment, im alone, but this may change soon...


it is not and will not be open source, sorry


but we are thinking about restarting the project with more ppl again


i cannot tell you more because we are really in the first steps to think about it and try out



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