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  1. Hello AngelsHolocaust! Yes I do. When I write a program and I need to create other one, I have to "Save as" the actual, delete all the content and write the new code. I think it will be more useful, if we can select an option (New file, for example) that can display a window that ask us the new file name and after push "create", the new file sheet appear for write in it. I have used a comercial file manager (servant salamander). When I open a directory, I can remove the drive. Thanks a lot for your answers! :)
  2. Sure. In viewer: if (ip.equals("")) { InetAddress host = InetAddress.getLocalHost(); ip = host.toString(); ip = ip.substring(ip.indexOf('/') + 1, ip.length()); } In Editor: if (ip.equals("")) { InetAddress host = InetAddress.getLocalHost(); ip = host.toString(); ip = ip.substring(ip.indexOf('/') + 1, ip.length()); } You're right :) But, what about the <New file> option (without the submenu)? An other questions: - Is it possible that the line numbers column has different background/font color of the normal text? - I cant disconnect my USB when a pannel is displayed it, why? Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi all! Bugs (?) - The clock is lost when is placed in the right of the screen and video mode change to a lower scale. - File extensions written in Uppercase are showed in ndn in Lowercase - The path of selected file is not displayed when SHIFT+CTRL+Enter is pushed and quick search is activated with Ctrl. - In the Viewer, some tabs are not showed. Suggestions - Tree View: Begin key to top of the tree and End to bottom. Right to expand and Left to collaps nodes. - Does exist an option to import the configuration of a previous version of ndn? - Display the Context Menu in an empty folder showing the <New> option at least. - In main menu and/or in the editor menu, add the <New file> option with a submenu showing all file extensions added in Syntax Highlight configuration file (.sql, .c, .java, etc) to create a file selecting it from submenu. - After copy/paste characters, put the cursor at the end of them.
  4. ... some features...

    Hi AngelsHolocaust, thanks a lot for your answers. I have a question: ----------- in Panels ----------- Me: 3. Show My Documents in the Drive Selection (Ctrl F1/F2). You: 3. i think about a change in this: remove the hard coded handling of system drives and add a text config file where the users can add paths as they want It is posible that the ndn detects automatically My Documents path? I use the ndn in different pc's, so I copy it in my usb. I think is an excelent idea to do it portable. In the other way, a have a question: I have a free multi-format viewer (Universal Viewer or ATViewer) and I copy the exe into the ndn path. I wrote in ndn.vwr (in my usb): jpg,bmp,gif,htm,html : "<usb drive>:\Programas\ndn\viewer\Viewer.exe" "!:!\!.!" But when I copy ndn to other pc and disconnect my usb, I have to change the path: jpg,bmp,gif,htm,html : "<local drive>:\<other path>\ndn\viewer\Viewer.exe" "!:!\!.!" So, it is posible that a Macro can tell us what path the ndn.exe is running in? In this way, we will have something like this: jpg,bmp,gif,htm,html : "<macro>\viewer\Viewer.exe" "!:!\!.!" This is useful in archivier, and in other settings. And what about the fonts? It is possible to change the type of them (Arial, verdana, and so on; not bold, italic, and so on)? Thanks a lot :)
  5. Hi! What about this features... ----------- in Panels ----------- 1. Adjust automatically the column widht with the largest filename. 2. Focus the related panel with the Drive Selection (Ctrl F1/F2). 3. Show My Documents in the Drive Selection (Ctrl F1/F2). 4. Shift Up/Down to select files. 5. Copy and paste a file in the same panel and automatically rename it (if I copy and paste the file_x, its name will be "copy of file_x"). 6. Use Up/Down to go to the files that match with the words typed in quick search. ------- Editor ------- 1. Ctrl+Up/Down move the screen, but not the cursor. 2. Ctrl+u uppercase selected chars, Ctrl+l lowercase selected chars. 3. When I open a file with emphasized words, they appear wrong (propósito is right, but the editor shows prop¾sito). What happen? Bug? 1. When I emphasized a char of a word, all the word puts in uppercase. -------------- Miscellanous -------------- 1. Include telnet/ssh/ftp/sftp 2. Copy/paste from/to dialog windows (e.g., from the Replace window).