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  1. Directory Rename Bug

    I have a directory (with subdirectories) on NTFS volume under Win XP. I try to rename it to the same name but with different cases (for example, QUEEN to Queen) using F6 key. NDN has an unpredictable reaction, mostly making long line of nested directories (like QUEEN\QUEEN\QUEEN\...) until it not bump into "too long name for directory". Alt-F6 works OK.
  2. Jumping On The Top-level Catalog

    OK, thanks. Xmas Greetings!
  3. When I press Ctrl-\ in file manager to jump to the top-level catalog, it works good except that selection (cursor?) positioned on the first file of the top-level catalog. Wouldn't it be better if it will be placed on the catalog from the depth of which I just jumped? Like in the case when I simply going into this catalog from one-level-lower catalog pressing Enter on the '..' entry.
  4. Window Caption When Copying

    When file copy is in progress, it would be very good to print value of overall progress in the NDN window caption, close to the beginning as possible. Something like "54% - NDN - Copying ..." It will give a possibility to control progress even in hidden window, folded down or obstructed by other windows, by looking at caption in taskbar.
  5. Double-click Works Twice

    When I double-clicking on exe-file, it run program two times... Almost always :(
  6. Quick Renaming Files

    When I press Alt-F6 in File Manager I get a window "Quick file rename..." When I begin to type something sub-window with input history opens... and hide input line completely! I don't see what I am editing, and history window neither resizable nor movable :( Of course, I can close it with mouse, but this is not what I want :) And it not close when I press Esc - instead, whole "Quick file rename..." window closes.
  7. Filenames In Clipboard

    Wow, there is much more options than I thought :) Didn't knew that menu is scrollable :)
  8. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    Thank you also. It was pleasure to help to make this program even better!
  9. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    By the way, what was cause of error? Just curious...
  10. When you press Ctrl-Ins, or Ctrl-Shift-Ins to put the filename in the clipboard, it placed filename surrounded by quotation marks (at least, when there is space characters in the filename). Is it possible to change this? I do not need that quotation marks, maybe there some adjustment in the config, to not add quotations?
  11. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    This time seems all works OK. Great! Log file placed on ftp, on the same address, if it still needed.
  12. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    Forgot to add, that I use Windows XP Professional SP2
  13. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    New log is placed on ftp. Same address, ftp://ftp2.granit.ru/temp/vp_debug_logfile.txt
  14. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    This time that strange things is visible in logfile. I putted log file on ftp://ftp2.granit.ru/temp/vp_debug_logfile.txt because uploading is not working on the forum.
  15. Network Disk + Quick-dirs = Error

    This time log is _DoChange start Directoryname: "C:\NDNX" Target: "Z:\DISTR\GRANSMETA\LIVEUPDATE" A B Target: "z:\distr\gransmeta\liveupdate\." GotoFile start Directoryname: "Z:\DISTR\GRANSMETA\LIVEUPDATE" ReadDirectory start Files: 0 .. 1 PlugIns 2 Reports 3 Scripts 4 Templates 5 files.ini 6 FromErkt.dll 7 GranSmeta.chm 8 gransmeta.exe 9 GranUpdate.dll 10 History.ini 11 import.ini 12 instruction.doc Directoryname: "Z:\DISTR\GRANSMETA\LIVEUPDATE" CurrentDirectory: "Z:\DISTR\GRANSMETA\LIVEUPDATE" ReadDirectory _end Name: "." GotoFile end Directoryname: "Z:\DISTR\GRANSMETA\LIVEUPDATE" OldD: "C:\NDNX" _DoChange end Maybe you are searching in wrong place. Current directory is not damaged, all file operations (copy, compare etc.) works OK. I think something damaged in displaying of prompt (that part of command line that before an '>' sign), it got non-printing characters....