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  1. Utf-8

    Hello! I'm use ubuntu 8.04, generic 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux. Locale: LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 LC_CTYPE="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_NUMERIC="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_TIME="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_COLLATE="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_MONETARY="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_MESSAGES="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_PAPER="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_NAME="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_ADDRESS="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_TELEPHONE="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_MEASUREMENT="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_IDENTIFICATION="ru_RU.UTF-8" LC_ALL= PrintScreen Why NDN with codepage UTF-8 not working well?
  2. New Release: V2.31.5309

    Hello, Stefan / AH! What about utf-8 support?
  3. Utf-8

    Up! I think support utf-8 add to a rating of the project many points ;)
  4. Utf-8

    At least roughly when it is possible to expect support utf-8?
  5. Utf-8

    I would like to use NDN, but with out support utf-8 cann't do it :(
  6. Utf-8

    When utf-8 will be support?
  7. Utf-8

    Thanks for your answer :)