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  1. Some Gui Thoughts.

    Hi, 1) Indeed, that's what I was asking for, so I think we can close this issue completely. 2) You're right, again. While the solution is not optimal for me, it's close enough. Thanks for support and best regards. Greg
  2. Some Gui Thoughts.

    Hi AH I disagree with your disagreement. ;) Okay, I won't contest technical reasons. If something is difficult or impossible in given environment, tough luck. But when you tell me that fixed preset list of possible window dimensions is good for me, I start sensing some 640kb-ought-to-be-good-for-everyone attitude. Besides, this super 175x83 mode renders as 80x43 on my 1400x1050 laptop, no matter which font I choose. My point is, the user is to decide whot size of window suits him. But again, I'm not going to push anyone into rewriting some major or minor Windows component. As a workaround, maybe it's possible to augment this list of modes? I mean, at the very least just one 'user defined' mode, where you can set some particular mode you are comfortable with and which incidentally works in your particular environment. BTW, I was specific about the version I'm using because I cannot check LNX version at the moment. When I do, maybe I will have another batch of random thoughts. About point 2, I was thinking more about 'Max/normalize panel size' than about actually resizing window. Use case is browsing directory with quite long file names. The most simple and natural operation for me in that moment is to hit Ctrl-M to enlarge current panel and in that moment this setting of column would be most appreciated. Best regards. Greg
  3. Hi there! First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on the good work. After I switched from DOS to Linux I never looked back... except for DN which I missed sorely. So you probably understand my joy when I learned it's not only alive but also kicking. :) But to the business... While DN is quite functional, there are some warts dating back to the DOS era (what is below applies to the WIN32 version, I haven't used LNX one recently): 1. Video modes. In the windowed environment they make no sense. DN should just fit the window it's in. And allow it to rescale according to the user's wish. 2. When (if) resizing is possible, fixed column length in filemanager is a bit too strict. I mean, it would be nice to be able to indicate that one given column should take all remaining visible space (I'm thinking mainly about the 'Name' column). Of cource you can complicate it as much as you like, say, min-max width, percentage of available space and so on. But this single feature would be sufficient for a while. Anyway, DN it's great software and I'm happy I can use it again. Call me strange but I couldn't get used to more contemporary progs, be it TC or Krusader. They just don't feel right. Best regards