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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your answer! Additional comments to the wishes. wish 1. You are right, I forgot this possibility. wish 2. I mean, not to remove the current working mode, because it is useful too when I want to arrange text in page, but to put an on/off option to editor options to select working mode. wish 3. Your idea to swap words is good too. Maybe I wasn't clear, I don't want to make entire swap in one single step, I only would like an option in the editor on/off options: "Keep all marked" from the first beginning of block to the cursor position where I make the block move. That way I can continue directly with cursor reposition and another move command. Experimenting with block commands I discovered a strange behaviour: When I copy or move a block with <CTRL>KC or <CTRL>KV some times the block remains marked, some times no, randomly. I tried with move command, and then undo, move command, undo,... repeated more times. The "Unmark pasted block" option doesn't matter. Referring to one of bugs reported, maybe in overwrite mode if the block is moved you can keep spaces instead to deleting characters, alike the vertical blocks functioning. Bye!
  2. Hi! I have some ideas for editing. 1. block clear command (fill block with spaces), useful when editing table, to remain aligned. 2. option to move block to the cursor position relative to text, not to the screen. example: 123456789, selecting 12, moving cursor after 4, now the result of block move will be 345612789, It will be nice to have an option to move having the result 341256789. 3. Many times I need to swap 2 texts. If I could have an option to move block, and after move to remain selected all text involved in move then the swap would be easier. example: 12 > 34 selected 12 cursor after >. Moving block: the result will be > 12 34 if > 12 remains selected, and moving cursor after 34, a new move command will produce 34 > 12.
  3. If directory stucture does not exist already, on the destination then copy fails with error message: Critical error on drive X: (3->3).
  4. block move undo bug

    If moving block, with vertical blocks=off, insert mode=off (block cursor), then undo is replacing characters at the block position, and not insert the text there. Example: first text: 123456789 selected 12, cursor position on 5 after move: 3456129 after undo: 1256789 should be 123456789. If vertical blocks=ON problem does not happen, because moved block is replaced with spaces.
  5. Like normal copy or move recursively of directories from normal panel to other it would be good if we can optionally move or copy from "find" panel keeping the directory structure of files (not flatten the list).