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  1. When I use mouse wheel to move through files in file panel window - the scrollbar marker doesn't move at all. NDN 2.30.2959, WIN32 PS: Probably this is a feature, not a bug. I noticed strange effect while using up/down arrows with Ctrl key pressed. On Ctrl key depress the 'edit current file' window is opened.
  2. Bad news... Thank you anyway. Good luck! Oleg
  3. Sorry friends, I just moved to WinXP after many years with Win98. Therefore I was forced to use Win32 version of NDN instead of DPMI one. There are some things I can't understand now. Is it possible to use Alt-Tab for NDN windows switching and Alt-Enter for extention menu? I hope there is some trick to steal these key combinations from OS.
  4. Is it possible to use both DPMI and Win32 versions simultineously? Actually I just want to have all settings to be synchronized. The only problem I see now - how to instruct DPMI to use "config1", while Win32 to use "config2". Probably there are some incompatibilities in ndn.ini file? Right now I decide to make a converter&sync script that I have to run when change anything in settings. PS: A lot of thanks for the product!
  5. A few small bugs

    Hi Stefan! Thanks for fixing bug #1! ;) Bug 3 isn't a bug, just configurable feature. I just keep track that in 2.15.8835 bugs 2, 4, 5 still alive. Regards, Oleg
  6. SPF file location

    Hi, Stefan! I understand that we are talking about different things. Yes, Ctrl-Enter finds the file in current directory. If it doesn't exist it tries to use the same file in all directories mentioned in NDN.SPF - correct. My problem was the fact that there is only one global NDN.SPF in NDN direcory. In other hand search paths are different in projects, so I expected to use local NDN.SPF files, located in current directory and it's parents, that can override global NDN.SPF. Actually such behaviour we can see in old original DN and Necromancer DN with menu files. (N)DN.MNU was searched in current directory, it's parents and in DN directory (last). But new versions use MNU files in current directory and ignore MNU files in parents. BTW, when CTRL-ENTER can't find the file stdio.h, it still says "STDIO.C not found". (Wrong extension) Regards, Oleg
  7. SPF file location

    1) It doesn't look even in current directory. It looks in NDN direcory only. As for me I'd prefer that NDN looks in current directory and at least 1 level up. Regards, Oleg PS: We are talking about v2.15.8488/DPMI32, isn't it? ;)
  8. SPF file location

    It seems to me that in earlier versions SPF files were searched not only in NDN direcory but in current directory (and up to root) too. The feature is very useful in C programming, but I have different paths in projects. The second problem is a very strange order of search-paths usage relative to their order in SPF file. I suppose it's reasonable to search the file in first search-path (from 1-st line), than the 2-nd etc... Right now it seems that all path lines are sorted alphabetically before the search process.
  9. A few small bugs

    Hi Stefan! Thank you! Actually I tried this option, but I forgot to clear editor history. It uses old settings for files in tracking list. Sorry. I forgot to say that it was DPMI32 version. The "5" bug doesn't appear in W32 at all. Regards, Oleg
  10. A few small bugs

    First of all I want to say great THANKS for supporting of NDN. It was a best news of a week - NDN is still alive. Well, a lot of old bugs (reported to Denis and Peter long time ago) fixed now! Great! But... 1. Whan I press Ins key in file-manager window to select file it selects only one and autorepeat is blocked, that differs from the behaviour I seen later. I expect that it'll continue selecting files down. Probably it's not a bug but feature - is anywhere special setup for this? 2. In editor, when I press Ctrl-Enter on <stdio.h> file it opens the file - well. But if the file doesn't exists it reports in a dialog that file stdio.C (insert the extention of current file in editor here) dosn't exists. 3. In editor Alt-F12 translates symbols outside selected block (probably it extends the selection to word bounds?) 4. WIndows box info (when switched on in setup) shows: NDN-NDN-NDN-Edit- c:\config.sys. Do you think it is enough NDNs in title? ;) Actually I have one bug more, but it appears on limited computers - probably you can't reproduce it. It appears long time ago, probably in 2.11 version. If I start two copies of NDN - let's call them NDN1 and NDN2 - in such order: 1. If I quit from NDN1, NDN2 will fall with GPF 2. If I quit from NDN2, NDN1 still works. It'll fall when I try to quit from it or start any program from it. Save/don't save desktop by VMID doesn't affect this. OS - Windows98SE, russian NDN beta 8488 I can make any tests you propose or send additional debug info or screenshots - just tell me. Sincerely Yours, Oleg Arkhangelsky