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  1. User Menu Variables

    Thank You very much, this solution works great..... could you please explain what this for loop does with those parameters?? or do you have some link about this style of batch coding?? thank you, greetz seibax
  2. User Menu Variables

    hi, at first thank you very much for your reply ! But I ONLY want a PART of the directory, in my case the last part.... like i said, left panel i am in c:\111\222\333 and selected 1.rar and in right panel i got d:\aaa\bbb\ and now i only need the "333" of the directory of file of the left panel but !\ gives "111\222\333" or do i understand this wrong?? greetings, seibax
  3. Hi, is there any option to get only the last part of the directories from the panels?? For example: Left Panel I have opened c:\111\222\333\ the bar is on 1.rar and right panel i have opened d:\aaa\bbb\ now i want to make a small user menu command to extract rar x c:\111\222\333\1.rar d:\aaa\bbb\333 is this possible?? thanks in advance, greetz seibax