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  1. Return to ndn in dos

    This is wrong. Load NTFSDOS before NDN. Reveal more details about your NTFSDOS version (there are many) if problem persists. There are many 16-bit managers: Volkov, RIT-DN, Micro-FM, NOOORTON ( :-D ) ... NDN is a generous 32-bit one ;-)
  2. What programmimg language do you use for NDN?

    Maybe :( Please stay with VP. DEAD ? No problem as long as it works. FreePASCAL ? The DOS version is really CRAPPY :angry: :( , using FP would kill the DOS version of NDN. A D32 version running with HX-DOS or a WIN32 version ??? HX should run the WIN32 of VP version in DOS ... the D32 version of NDN does NOT require HX. Could you please post more details ? I tried to install VP some time ago and got it working, but failed to install Veit K.'s additional files.
  3. Nice bug with elapsed time

    It is the latest official release: :)
  4. Nice bug with elapsed time

    It occurs always when the time is more than 1 hour. It does not substract the hours (2 hours -> substract 120 minutes). :ph34r: Using DOS version 4000 in FreeDOS.
  5. View file

    YES. Found it. Thanks.
  6. View file

    It seems imposible to view file if it is a ZIP. Even if I change the extension (to "BUG" for ex.) it still fails. I have to change the header: remove the "PK" $03 $04. Is this intentional or a BUG ? It should be possible to view EVERY file. Many file managers have this BUG, Total Commander does not.
  7. What programmimg language do you use for NDN?

    Thanks. Does this (fast & stable) apply to the DOS (DPMI32) target ? It is a far as I know the only ONE prog written in 32bit PASCAL. It the DOS version of NDM still alive ? The name suggests "NO" (Necro=Death :D). "regex" & "context menu" does this apply to DOS ?? I had a look at the VPASCAL: seems that the DOS target was patched in later by an external devel, and it works, while FreePASCAL started on DOS and is rather unusable. :wacko:
  8. What programmimg language do you use for NDN? Is it TMT PASCAL ? Where can I get it legally ? TMT implies that it is for teachers only - and I am NOT a teacher by now . :angry:
  9. Source code avaiability

    Hmmm .... RIT-DN is NOT GPLed. I can no longer remember where I found this statement.
  10. Source code avaiability

    Hmm .... I think this is considered as ILLEGAL. Sinse RIT released the source under GNU GPL, every derivative work based on this source has to be released under GPL as well. Or am I wrong ?
  11. No problem. DOS/32A is very critical and produces many such warnings. Most of them are NOT malicious. You can probably safely ignore this. If you want to troubleshoot a problem with EMM386, you have to reveal the exact versions of NDN, EMM (from what DOS also) & DOS.