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  1. New Beta: 2.31.0954

    This is also very important. Hunting a big bug in my last project is the reason why I haven't developed anything in the last 2 years... so it is very good, that you have the motivation :-)
  2. 2 Ideas...

    Well... I haven´t thougt of this :-) Watt32 is much newer and there is a mailing list... Bye Flo
  3. Hi, I have too ideas for new features :-) Another NC-Clone have the feature of coping in the background. This feature would be very cool, because you could continue work with NDN. I would also like a new backup-feature which can synchronize some important directories (Which doesn't backup all files every time but only files which have been changed or which are new. And maybe which uses zip, 7z or rar.) Thank you for continuing NDN and also the port of DOS. Schoene Gruesze aus Wien! Flo
  4. Bug: Only Drive A:

    Hi, I have boot from an bootstick using latest official freedos kernel. Everytime I change directory a text at the command line is written which tells me that I have to run CHKDSK. I don´t have this problem with other programs. I am using JEMM+xdma32+cdrom32, DOSLFN and 4DOS. But same problem without... Thanks Flo
  5. new release: 2.30.4464

    This seems to be a general problem...if NDN changes the directory, it tries to access the floppy (there seems to be no difference, if a floppy is insert or not, also no error message or something else). Not everytime. But mostly. Bye Flo
  6. new release: 2.30.4464

    Another thing (under pure DOS, with UDMA, LBACACHE): I have a source tree of sourceforge.net on my harddisk (CVS) . So there exists in every directory a sub-directory CVS which includes files. If I search a file in this tree, NDN accesses the floppy drive! And in every directory... seems problem with CVS directory???? maybe I find more with some tests... bye Flo
  7. new release: 2.30.4464

    Thank you for continue of DOS version... :-) ... DNOS has stopped... Yes. I think it will be easy to make a new option... (I know only C++ version of Turbo Vision, but I think it should be only some lines of new code...?) If I copy many many files which are small, then I think it will also be better...and more fast.... No, I used them in pure DOS (FreeDOS) with installed UDMA driver. Bye Flo
  8. new release: 2.30.4464

    Hi, thanks for the new release! I am using two file managers: your NDN and File Wizard. And the main reason for File Wizard is following: If I want to copy some Gigabytes of files, File Wizard is sometimes much faster! 1) It is possible to make a new option, to show only the hole process? 2) NDN seems to first read some MB and then write these. File Wizard seems to do the same, but is much faster. Schöne Grüße aus Wien Flo PS: I am talking about DOS/DPMI version (using it in WinXP too). PPS: Found a bug....:If I try to change to a not existing drive I get this error: Exception 0D8h at address 02994315 in f:\NDN\source\drivers3.pas Line 200 Access violation btw: This is a cool error message....are you using a special library for this?
  9. Problem with DPMI server

    I can try it. btw: i have no problem under XP. There is sometimes a problem, but that's because of a XP bug. Which extender do you use? Maybe another would be a good choice. Some have bugs... Bye, Flo
  10. Problem with DPMI server

    No, i think the problem is only because of DPMIONE. No, not realy. Or if i should write you the memory dump.. i don't know if you need it. btw: When i launch NDN a second time, then there is no problem with NDN and i can use the program! The pc isn'T stable anymore and if i start another program, it hangs. Bye, Flo PS: Allerdings ist FreeDOS wirklich nett. ;-) Vorallem mit UDMA treiber...
  11. Problem with DPMI server

    I am using http://www.sudleyplace.com/dpmione/ on top of FreeDOS. It is a very good DPMI driver. (Version 1!!). But if i launch NDN, NDN types a error message an exit. Then the system isn't stable anymore! Bye, Flo