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  1. [request] Lastaccess/lastwrite Columns

    Hi AH, What about start using uppercase/lowercase letter pairs for some columns? T = time, t = date I = process ID, i = parent PID C = last access time, c = acc. date W = last write time, w = wr. date etc... I haven't wrote anything in Pascal for long time, however I was trying to fix some bugs in OSP few years back - before I moved to NDN, so I can try to implement this.
  2. Hi all Devs, Looks like after 2 years, this is still not implemented :rolleyes: Can't you just take code from DN OSP? NDN can already sort by last Access/Write, so it can't be that hard to add values to new column... ... or is it? Too bad NDN source code is not available, I would implement it by myself and send you the patch. Otherwise NDN is pretty cool, keep the good work!
  3. Syntax Highlight colors are ignored

    Thanks, that helped, now it's all OK. r00t
  4. Panel columns

    Hi! Is there any way how to add Creation time and Last access time to file panel? r00t
  5. UNC Path problems

    Hi! NDN Version: v2.15.1159/ENG I use "CD \\pc\c$" for network access. There are several bugs: 1. You can't copy anything into root directory (in this example: \\pc\c$\) 2. You can't create new directories on remote disk (anywhere). 3. When you delete the file, panel is not reloaded. Some idea: In root directory (here \\pc\c$\) is shown ". ." (go to upper dir), but it does nothing. This can be used to return to original directory (where you used cd command). r00t
  6. Hi! NDN Version: v2.15.1159/ENG Change color for some highlite element (like Keywords1). Syntax Highlight in editor works normally (keywords have new color). In editor, keywords have old (WHITE/CYAN) color. Same problem is with all other colors... r00t