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  1. When? When? When?

    It got released......
  2. When? When? When?

    ThankYou :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. When? When? When?

    Youre right Aceman! :P In the last 2.5 months the entry:- Import/export more than 10 formats! has risen from 85% to 87%, thats right a whole 2% ;) Everything else is still finished. (except t300 support) I dont want to wait :angry: i want mobnav now :angry: Come on MUXE! Send me a pre beta release....
  4. When? When? When?

    Hey Kreativ, If you return to this forum anytime, let me know where i can find this "Mobile Agent", as you say Muxe are just taking too long.... I am now bored of waiting and will look for another tool starting next week.
  5. When? When? When?

    Please hurry faster, my S55 is losing appeal without your software. You must have something you can pre release?
  6. When? When? When?

    Guys, I know you have had a big setback with the server failure And lots of work had to be recovered. But 2 months ago you declared that ver 3.0 was in its final HOURS to release. Please release something...... Soon <_<